Left Alive - Chapter 9 – Farewell Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Chapter 9 - Farewell in Left Alive, including objectives, obtainable items, weapons, boss strategies, and archive locations.

Chapter 9 – Ruslan’s Identity Walkthrough

Heading to the Bar

Left Alive Chapter 9 Walkthrough

  1. The submissions “Gaze of Skepticism” and “Eva’s Decision” can be initiated by walking down the aisle from the starting point.
  2. Proceed through the underpass and collect the supplies.

Left Alive Chapter 9 Walkthrough


Use explosives (Molotov Cocktails or Frag Grenades) to take out the soldiers with shields.

  1. Collect the items in the Item Box found in the sewage treatment plant.

  2. When returning to the ground from the ladder to the south, the submission “Their Portrait” can be initiated.


Enemies at the back of the ladder can be taken out by rolling the drum nearby.

Left Alive Chapter 9 Walkthrough

  1. Obtain Archive: Skyscraper Building Start and Stuffed Cat.

  2. Get Backpack M and go to the underpass from the ladder.

  3. Proceed along the road and reach the ground.


You can take out the enemy soldiers quickly by luring them to the drums before setting them off for an explosion.

  1. Collect the items in the Item Box and proceed north to battle Ruslan.

Boss Battle: Ruslan

Left Alive Chapter 9 Walkthrough

Approach Ruslan while using the various obstacles as cover. Ruslan will throw a frag grenade when you create a considerable distance from him. He will also be accompanied by drones which can be neutralized with EMP grenades. Ruslan will be stunned as well.

Ruslan’s weak point is his head. You can use the stone in the middle of the stage as a relatively safe spot to aim during the fight.

  1. After defeating Ruslan, collect ammunition and the Bazzini M2100 (Magnum.)

  2. Head for the ladder in the north and pick up the ID card. Get off the ladder and get the Bent Coin in the bottom right corner for the Fire Field Thief submission.

  3. Go down the road and get the Pocket Watch and Archive: Lazaref Shipbuilder Dormitory – Numerous Suspicious Deaths in the Past. Head back to the ground afterward.

Left Alive Chapter 9 Walklthrough

  1. Collect the items in the Item Box in front of the store.


You can exchange the Pocket Watch, Stuffed Cat, ID Card, Bent Coins from the submission “Fire Place Thief” for any item of your choice.

  1. Head underground using the ladder near the destination and collect Archive: Stock Information.

Left Alive Chapter 9 Walkthrough


It is recommended to take out the enemies by using rocket launchers and then use their weapons to get the tanks.


In the basement, take out the enemy on the gatling gun first so you can use the weapon to easily wipe out the remaining soldiers.

  1. An Event will occur at the bar.
Option 1 Result
“Where do you record from?” Go to Option 2
“Do not lie.”
Option 2 Result
“Since when did you know?” Go to Option 3
“Did you know I was silent?”
Option 3 Result
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Go to Option 4
“You left me alone.”
Option 4 Result
“Did you believe in heroes?” Go to Option 5
“Didn’t you turn out to be a hero?”
Option 5 Result
“He knew that.” Event end. Obtain Archive: Sophia’s Diary Vol. 3
“It’s not your fault.”


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