Left Alive - Wanzer List

Information about each Wanzer appearing in the Left Alive. Included are its various armaments and equipment.

What is a Wanzer?

A Wanzer is an abbreviation for “wanderpanzer,” a generic term for human-controlled mechs. They are designed and developed in accordance with “MULS-P,” which is the world standard specification in construction. Wanzers combine high versatility and operational capability, making them popular weapons in military operations.

Wanzer Types

Left Alive VolkVolk Left Alive ZenithZenith Left Alive ZilaniZilani

Volk (VOLK)

A new type of Wanzer which was produced secretly in Novoslava.

Variable armor mechanisms and other designs have been adopted and incorporated into the Volk, which make it different from conventional Wanzers, making it a formidable and capable Mech. It is speculated that the Volk is an experimental machine installed with next generation standard-armaments.

Zenith HW 2

A Wanzer made by the Jade Metal Lyman Company. It is the second generation in the HW series, designed to be the world standard Mech. It has a stronger roller dash than before.

Zenith HW 2 demonstrates stable performance in all aspects. Armies from each country, as well as mercenaries, use this Mech for their respective agendas.

Zilani P3

A Wanzer made by Dmitri. Many of these Mechs have been deployed in Zaftra and neighboring countries.

The top of the body is flat, allowing accompanying infantry to install various armaments. Also, the legs are designed to lower the body and reduce its surface area when firing heavy shoulder or chest-mounted weaponry.

Various Parts of the Wanzer

Arms Armament

Left Alive Wanzer Armaments

Wanzers are equipped with versatile machine guns and shotguns. Players cannot restock ammunition, having to instead destroy used weapons. That said, players can steal a downed mech’s armaments. Some mechs also have proximity weapons which can be stolen.

Shoulder Weaponry

Left Alive Shoulder Weapons

Unlike arm weapons, Wanzers cannot change their shoulder-mounted weaponry when when on a mission. Most Wanzers equip Rockets and Missile Launchers to their shoulder mounts.

Roller Dash / Step

Left Alive Roller Dash

Wanzers are not suitable for walking, but they can move at high speeds by using “roller dash.” If a Wanzer collides with an enemy Mech during a roller dash, they perform a tackle attack. The “step” allows mechs to move a short distance instantaneously to fend off enemy attacks.

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