Left Alive - Chapter 6 – The Price of Trading Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Chapter 6 - The Price of Trading, including objectives, obtainable items, weapons, boss strategies, and archive locations.

Chapter 6 – The Price of Trading Walkthrough

Head towards Borodin

Chapter 6 - The Price of Trading

1.) In Option 1, an event occurs once you obtain the “Torn Necklace” at the starting point.

Option 1 Result
Is it alright not to needlessly try to help?
Can you leave me alone? Event Progress

2.) Get the items in Adel Surava’s item box.


The subquests “Lost Woman,” “Friend of Alexandre,” and “Admiration” can easily be cleared during the second half of the chapter.

3.) Collect “Archive: Transportation”


The large road ahead has many enemies, so go to the narrower road.

4.) Subquest “Witnesses of Murderous Witness” occurs.

5.) Subquest “Friend Not My Friend” occurs. Collect “Archive: Novo Slava city council election results”

6.) Head to the save point of the planned construction site and obtain “Shovel” and “Buzztter’s Diary” from the item box.

7.) Go to the save point behind the building to get the items in the item box.

Chapter 6 - The Price of Trading

Tip 1

A tank patrols around the road to the right.

Tip 2

There are two soldiers in front of the building.

Tip 3

Use Wire Traps and Landmines against the enemies in the area.

8.) Collect the “Commemorative Coin” on the west side of the building and retrieve “Archive: USN re-deny the outflow of confidential USN data” inside the building.

9.) Get ZGT-111 Zergovoll (Gatling Gun) and US-11-11 Schucha (Assault Rifle) on the stairs and go to the opened door on the second floor.

Chapter 6 - The Price of Trading


Zergovoll can lower your movement speed, but it deals great damage and fires rapidly.

10.) An event occurs.

Fighting an Enemy Soldier

1.) Battle at the lobby.

Chapter 6 - The Price of Trading

Tip 1

Use the Gatling Gun and Landmines to easily defeat the enemies.

Tip 2

Be sure to collect the Gatling Gun after defeating the gunners who appear at the start of the battle.

Tip 3

Collect the body armor at the rightmost door and equip it once your current armor breaks.

Head towards Borodin

1.) Go talk to Borodin in the room at the back of the second floor.

Head to the Lobby

1.) An event occurs once you enter the lobby.

Follow Borodin

Chapter 6 - The Price of Trading

1.) Option 2’s event occurs once you kill the two soldiers outside and check Borodin’s corpse.

Option 2 Result
Who are you?
Mikhail Event Progress

Chapter 6 – Getaway Walkthrough Strategy

Escape from Enemy Soldiers

1.) Head to the next destination.

Tip 1

The first enemy group leaves their spot while someone is hiding to throw a Smoke Grenade.

Tip 2

If you have been hit critically, restore your health with a recovery device near the save point.

2.) The Option 3 event occurs after escaping.

Option 3 Result
I don’t know.
There is no obligation to say.
…Everyone is dead. Goes to Option 4
Option 4 Result
I am afraid to die. Goes to Option 5
I am not afraid of anything.
Are you not scared?
Option 5 Result
Alright. Goes to Option 6
I don’t really understand.
The story is long
Option 6 Result
Don’t bother me.
I don’t understand what it means.
What happened? Event ends

Chapter 6 – Encouragement Walkthrough Strategy

Rob the Enemy’s Aircraft

1.) Board the Wanzer.


It is important to ride the Wanzer.

Defeat the Enemy Wanzer in the Plaza

1.) Defeat the enemy Wanzer at the square.


Your Wanzer is equipped with a shotgun. Attack the enemy at close range and use roller dash.

2.)After dealing with the enemies using a Wanzer, collect “Archive: [Job Information] local recruiters recruitment” and receive several subquests. When heading towards the “Lost Woman” subquest, collect “Archive: [Ninety] punishment” at the northeastern building.

Head towards Patrick

Chapter 6 - The Price of Trading

1.) Option 7 events occur when you go to the second floor of the next destination.


Enemies won’t appear after the Wanzer battle, so this is the perfect time to complete subquests and collect other items.

Option 7 Result
…Borodin is dead.
Numerous mistakes. Goes to Option 8
I want to negotiate
Option 8 Result
There is information. Goes to Option 9
Tell me the escape route.
Give me time.
Option 9 Result
The old nest? Goes to Option 10
In such a place?
Option 10 Result
I want to know.
It is a breach of contract. Event ends


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