Left Alive - Chapter 10 – Side Missions Walkthrough

Information and walkthrough for the Chapter 10 Side Missions in Left Alive. Included are tips on how to rescue the civilians lost in Novo Slava.

Chapter 10 Side Mission Part 1

Chapter 10 – Side Missions Walkthrough

In chapter 10, Mikhail will encounter two civilians in need of rescue.

Rescue “Worried Women” Nonna

1) Approach and speak to Nonna.

Option 1

Option 1 Result
“How to here …” Proceed to “Option 2”
“Please don’t cry”

Option 2

Option 2 Result
“Let’s do it!” Proceed to “Option 3”
“Don’t come out anymore!”

Option 3

Option 1 Result
“I’m defeated.” Go to “Option 4”
“I can not afford anymore”
  1. Lead Nonna to shelter to clear the first chapter 10 side mission.

Rescue “Longing” Madobeh

1) Approach and speak to the Madobeh. Madobeh will not appear if the Chapter 6 civilian, Nonna, was not rescued.
2) Lead Madobeh to the shelter to clear the second chapter 10 side mission.

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    • Hi. Late reply i know and you’ve likely figured it out by now. The dumbass who wrote this guide forgot to mention you have to speak with this survivor sometime in ch6 so he appears in ch 10.
      In other words you’re screwed. I just ended up this way as well thanks to this moron leaving out details in a guide.

        • Yes, there is.

          Chapter 6: When you start the mission go east. Outside the building where the save point, there is a man. Near the shelter there is a woman. You have to take one of them to another shelter, or the man dies. Go to the map and choose destination the other save point. Go there and then choose destination the other shelter. Be careful because the woman quest can fail so save before. After the Wanzer fight go where the looter was. There will be a man. Tell him it was you. You will find him as a survivor in chapter 10.

          Chapter 10: there are two survivors. First one appears on the map. The second one appears in the save point near the warehouse where the Wanzer is. He’s the one you talked to in Chapter 6. There is also a ghost lady in the apartments where you search for her. I think she doesn’t count as a survivor but better do it for the trophy and the experience anyway.