Left Alive - Chapter 2 – Side Missions Walkthrough

Information and walkthrough for the Chapter 2 Side Missions in Left Alive. Included are tips on how to rescue the civilians lost in Novo Slava.

Chapter 2 Side Missions Walkthrough

Approaching Muzzle (Arisa Anishva)

Chapter 2 Side Missions

1.)After the event, defeat the two enemy soldiers then talk to the Arisa Anishva.

Option 1 Result
“I put on black clothes.” Goes to Option 2
“Children, are you?”
Option 2 Result
“I live here.” Either option is acceptable
“I am worried about the others.”

2.)Shoot the drum to kill enemies near the white vehicles.


When you are critically hit, return to the save point and replenish your HP using the recovery device.

3.)Talk to the survivors and defeat the enemies in the shelter.


The enemy Wanzer in front of the shelter is quite difficult to defeat. It’s better to avoid it by using a Smoke Grenade to blind it.

Mouse Catching (Gemiyan Panikin)

Chapter 2 Side Missions

1.) Defeat the three enemy soldiers, then speak to Gemiyan Panikin.


Use a shotgun to kill the soldier who climbed a ladder.

2.)Talk to the man and lead him to the shelter.

Tip 1

Collect the shovel on your way to the shelter. Defeat the enemy soldiers stopping you from escorting the man. There are also drones along the way, so eliminate them with a pistol.

Tip 2

When your HP is low, you can recover health near the poultry farm.

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