Left Alive - How to Easily Defeat Enemy Soldiers

A guide on how to easily defeat enemy soldiers in Left Alive, including basic strategies and tips on safely and effectively taking out human targets.

Sliding + Trample Attack is Effective

Attacking enemies with a melee weapon allows you to knock them to the ground. From here, you can follow up with a trample attack to deal huge damage to your foe. The problem with this method is that it takes quite a few strikes with your melee weapon before you successfully drop them to the ground. It is recommended to use sliding to easily knock enemies down without using weapons. As you run, press the L3 button to perform a slide to easily down your target, then finish them off with a trample attack.

Strengths of the sliding attack

Reduces your consumption of ammo with firearms

Since sliding requires no weapons to be equipped, you can save on bullets for other situations. This is also especially useful for when weapons, either melee or ranged, are quite scarce in the area.

Weaknesses of the sliding attack

Not safe when up against a group of enemies

The sliding method is very effective during 1-on-1 situations but is extremely dangerous when fighting a group of enemies. Trying to defeat enemies one by one with sliding is likely to get you killed.

Only works on human enemy infantry

Obviously, the sliding method cannot be used against drones flying in the air. It is possible to hit drones as they descend near the ground, though you are much better off trying to attack them by other means.

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