Left Alive - Chapter 1 – Soldiers Left Behind Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Chapter 1 - Soldiers Left Behind in Left Alive, including objectives, obtainable items and weapons, boss strategies, and archive locations.

Chapter 1 – Soldiers Left Behind Walkthrough

  1. Move forward and avoid being detected by the enemy soldiers.
  2. Find survivors.
  3. Battle with the damaged Wanzer.

Look for an ally

As soon as the game starts, move away from the right fence to avoid being spotted by the enemy soldier. Move around and collect the items along the way.

As you cross the alley, an event will occur and you will pass by the enemy soldier. Since many enemies are gathered on the right side, proceed while using the vehicle on the left as cover.

Left Alive Chapter 1 Walkthrough

You can avoid being detected by staying behind the vehicle. You can throw empty cans to divert the attention of enemies.

Left Alive Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Proceed to the building with the collapsed wall, not the plaza where the enemy soldiers are. Look for the injured soldier when you arrive at the alley. After you pass through the building, you can go ahead to the path with a stick installed near the wall of flame that blocks the path.

Left Alive Chapter 1 Walkthrough

In addition, you can take out an enemy soldier in the alley with the metal pipe before you advance. You will get some supplies if you manage to down him.

Search for the captain

As you reach the main street, proceed to the building on the left side to find the alley with a save point.

Left Alive Chapter 1 Walkthrough

There is an entrance to to the sewer in the park after passing the alley. Collect the shovel in the sandbox of the park before going to the sewers.

Enemies in the sewers

As you head to the sewers, a group of enemy soldiers will be waiting for you. It is recommended to create a smoke bottle and break through the group. Throw the smoke bottle at the soldiers on the path on the right and make your escape ahead.

Battle the enemies with the captain’s damaged Wanzer

As you come up to the ground again, you will find the captain. Talk to him for an event. You will then be forced to pilot the damaged Wanzer. The Wanzer has limited ammo. Make your shots count and fire by pressing the R2 button.

Events to Occur


After the battle aboard the Wanzer, you will be engaged in a conversation with the enemy commander. You can prevent the injured captain from being shot by telling him to shoot you instead.

Archive Locations

Item Location
Archive Left Alive Chapter 1 WalkthroughStarting point (in front of the building on the left)
Archive Left Alive Chapter 1 WalkthroughDown the alley (cross over the first obstacle and turn left on the alley)
Archive Left Alive Chapter 1 WalkthroughOn the way to the captain (near the police car)
Archive Left Alive Chapter 1 WalkthroughPark (beside the bench)

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