Left Alive - Chapter 6 Side Missions Walkthrough

Information and walkthrough for the Chapter 6 Side Missions in Left Alive. Included are tips on how to rescue the civilians lost in Novo Slava.

Chapter 6 Side Missions Walkthrough

Witnesses of Murderous Behavior (Azuret Costarov)

Chapter 6 Side Missions

1.)Speak to Azuret Costarov and pick any choices during your conversations.

2.)During this side mission, you can choose one of two shelters to fill with survivors. The nearest shelter from the starting point is Shelter A and Shelter B is swarming with enemies. If you are going to take two survivors with you, you must separate them between Shelter A and B. When you put two people in the same shelter, Azuret will die, but you will be given an achievement.

A Friend Who Never Returns (Regina Shankina)

Chapter 6 Side Missions

1.)Talk to Regina Shankina and the Option 1 event will occur.

Option 1 Result
“Come for good.”
“Have it your way.” Side mission continues

2.)You can choose whether you will take Regina or two survivors for Azuret. See “Witnesses for Murderous Behavior” side mission.

A Lost Woman (Nonna Pochelevina)

Chapter 6 Side Missions

1.)Talk to the woman located north of the area and the Option 1 event occurs.

Option 1 Result
“Run away quickly.”
“Why are you in a place like this?”
“You got lost?” Goes to Option 2
Option 2 Result
“To any shelter” Side mission continues
“Do not get burned!”

1.)Lead the woman to the shelter.

Friend of Alexandre (Satva Turcin)

Chapter 6 Side Missions

1.)The Option 1 event occurs when you talk to the soldier sitting on the road.


Option 1 Result
“Receive Elite Body Armor.”
“I cannot accept.” Goes to Option 2
Option 2 Result
“I understand.”
“Unrelated” Side mission continues

2.)Lead the man to the shelter.

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