Left Alive - Chapter 3 – Aimless Wandering Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Chapter 3 - Aimeless Wandering, including objectives, obtainable items, weapons, boss strategies, and archive locations.

Chapter 3 – Aimless Wandering Walkthrough

Main Materials Available in Chapter 3

Drone wreckage

Drown wreckage can be use to make the Auto Turret gadget.

Chapter 3 – Merge with Friendly Troops Walkthrough Strategy

  1. An event will occur after making a decision at the beginning of the mission.
Option 1 Result
“What should I do?” Results will be the same for either option
“There is no choice but to go.”

Join the 14th Platoon

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough

    1. Go north from the starting point and get the Metal Pipe as well as Archive: Novoslava Municipal Police Survey Document 2127.12.19.
    2. Carefully proceed as to not be found by the large number of enemies

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough


Wait for the soldiers to pass by on the right side of the screen before heading to the save point.

  1. Collect the US-11-15 Clutch (Assault Rifle) and US-12-13 Gravy Cherry (Submachine Gun) in the Item Box. Proceed to the ladder leading underground.
Items Obtained in the Box
US-11-15 Clutch (Assault Rifle) US-12-13 Gravy Cherry (Submachine Gun) First Aid Kit x3
Vodka x8 Cloth x6 Adhesive Rubber x3
Explosive x6

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  1. Go to the save point and collect the items, as well as the Shock Armor and Light Body Armor nearby.
Items Obtained in the Box
First Aid Kit x3 Resuscitator x1 Incendiary Grenade x3
Fuse x5 Explosive x8 Handgun Bullets x18
Assault Rifle Bullets x30
  1. Collect Archive from the dead body in the dormitory

  2. Proceed from the ladder to the ground.

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough

There are many enemies on your way to the ladder. Use explosives and your guns to take them out.

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  1. A Sub Mission called Massacre can be initiated upon leaving the ground.
  2. Collect Backpack M nearby.
  3. Go through the building.
  4. An Event will occur on the way.
Option 2 Result
“What are you doing here?” Go to Option 3
“Koshka, is this real?” Obtain Archive: Entry Record Documents – Patrick Le Mer, go to Option 3
Option 3 Result
“Stop it!” Go to Option 4
“I can do it myself.” The Archive on Patrick is confirmed, go to Option 4
Option 4 Result
“Are you lying?” Same results for either choice.
“I.. what should I do?”
  1. After the Event, collect Archive: Red Eyes Bar 5th Anniversary and Shovel. You can also initiate the Sub Mission Lost Everyday at the target point.


  • When collecting the Archive and the shovel, you can use the empty cans to distract the enemies.
  • Before initiating the Sub Mission, it is best to save your game first by going back to the basement save point. This is because the next save point will be quite far away.

Hurry to the 14th Platoon

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  1. Get on the Wanzer and destroy the enemy.

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough


To reach the Wanzer, turn around from the left side and throw a smoke grenade. Then proceed to the Wanzer ahead.

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough


  • You will need to defeat multiple enemies. Focus on the extra enemies before targeting the Wanzer. You can use multiple weapons while piloting the Wanzer by pressing various buttons simultaneously.
  1. Collect Archive: Novoslava City Police Person Rating in the northeast.
  2. Obtain the US-13-7 Padoub (Shotgun) and Archive: Announcement of Comprehensive Agreement with Garmonuia Army, Zautek.
  3. Board the Wanzer again and head for the destination.
  4. There will be survivors along the way that will initiate the Side Mission when speaking to you.

Chapter 3 – Invitation of Patrick Walkthrough Strategy

Heading to the Confluence

Left Alive Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  1. When you speak to Patrick, an Event will occur.
Option 5 Result
“… So what?” Go to Option 6
“I can not trust you”
“There really is an escape route. “
Option 6 Result
“I understood, if I do.” Go to Option 7
“What are you planning?”
Option 7 Result
“Who is Bonin?” Obtain Archive: Vladmir – Al Chomo Viti – Bonin, go to Option 8
“Incredible.” Go to Option 8
Option 7 Result
“What else to do.” Result will be the same for either choice.
“I want to know the truth.”
  1. When the conversation ends, Chapter 3 will be cleared.
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