Left Alive - Features Available in Online Mode

A look at the features available in Left Alive's Online Mode.

Features Available in Online Mode

Heat Map Display

Features Available in Online Mode

Whenever you are online, the “heat map display” feature will activate. This map shows places where other players died on the battlefield with red icons.

If a specific area is full of red icons, a possible threat is hidden in the area. Use this feature to avoid dangerous areas and stay alive as long as possible.

War Dead Bodies

Features Available in Online Mode

In Left Alive, you will come across several “war dead bodies” in random areas. These bodies may have rare items on them but they also indicate that the area is a “danger zone” where hidden enemies may ambush you.

Picking up items from these war dead bodies is a high-risk, high-reward situation, so make sure you are prepared to encounter powerful enemies before venturing forth.

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