Left Alive - Chapter 14 – Do or Die Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Chapter 14 - Do or Die in Left Alive, including objectives, obtainable items and weapons, boss strategies, and archive locations.

To the High-Rise Building

Heading for the high-rise building

Left Alive Chapter 14 Walkthrough

  1. Obtain the Zakorn (Rocket Launcher) from the enemy.
  2. Destroy the tank.
  3. Get the items from the Item Box in the back alley.
Items Obtained in the Box
First Aid Kit x3 Medical Kit x5 Painkiller x4
Hemostatic Patch x3 Resuscitator x3 Frag Grenade x3
Incendiary Grenade x3 EMP Grenade x3 Crossbow Bolt x10
Assault Rifle Bullets x120 Shotgun Bullets x15 Submachine Gun Bullets x135
Magnum Bullets x12
  1. Talk to Mikhail.

Chapter 14 – Last Mission

Clear out the enemy soldiers

  1. Defeat all enemies

Left Alive Chapter 14 Walkthrough

Activating the Elevator

  1. Examine the elevator button

Left Alive Chapter 14 Walkthrough

  1. An Event with Ruslan will occur.
Option 1 Result
“Why are you alive?” Same result for either choice.
“What are you?”

Defeat Ruslan

  1. Battle with Ruslan

Left Alive Chapter 14 Walkthrough


Take cover from Ruslan’s gatling gun using the triangular pillars around the area. Wait for Ruslan to reload to take a clear shot. He also does an electric ground punch that you should avoid.

Head for the roof

Chapter 14 – Escape Novoslava

Defeat Ruslan’s Wanzer

  1. Avoid Ruslan’s Wanzer until the cutscene occurs.

Left Alive Chapter 14 Walkthrough


Just go around the rectangular building to avoid the Wanzer until the cutscene triggers.

  1. Defeat Ruslan’s Wanzer

Left Alive Chapter 14 Walkthrough


Go around the building for cover against the Wanzer’s attacks. Use the Laser Designator on the Wanzer after it lands from its jumping attack. The boss will be defeated after around 7 strikes from the friendly aircraft.

  1. Ending

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