New Pokémon Snap - Art in Flight Request Walkthrough

Art in Flight request walkthrough and guide for New Pokemon Snap. Included are the request's availability, how to unlock, course, description, target Pokemon location, and rewards for clearing.

New Pokemon Snap - Art in Flight Request Walkthrough

Art in Flight Request Walkthrough


Availability Unlocked after getting the Melody Player
Client Professor Mirror
Course Florio Nature Park (Night)
Description “Have you ever seen a flock of Swanna take flight? You should definitely try to get a photo of the stunning sight!”
Clear Reward

Target Pokemon

Name Location Conditions
Swanna Lake (near the dam) Must be shot while jumping in the air.


1 Head to the dam area near the lake of Florio Nature Park (night).
2 Keep your eyes open for a flock of Swanna and wait for one of them to land in the water.
3 Use the Melody Player and the group of Swanna will start following the glowing one that landed in the water, ready to take of again.
4 Take a photo of the Swanna before all of them go airborne again.


Name Details
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