Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide

This is a Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Wiki and Strategy Guide page containing walkthroughs, strategy guides, tips and tricks, and game database for the new Pokémon game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.


Story Walkthrough

Walkthrough Directory

Melemele Island
Ilima’s Trial Grand Trial
Akala Island
Lana’s Trial Kiawe’s Trial
Mallow’s Trial Grand Trial
Ula’Ula Island
Sophocles’ Trial Acerola’s Trial
Grand Trial Aether Paradise
Poni Island
Grand Trial Ultra Space
Mina’s Trial
Alola Pokemon League
Elite Four and League Champion Defending Your Title 

Post-game Guide

Post-game Guide
Team Rainbow Rocket Episode Battle Tree
How to Get Legendary Pokemon
Solgaleo / Lunala Zygarde
Ultra Beasts Guardian Diety Pokemon(Tapu)
Ultra Necrozma

Story Guides

Story Guides
How to get Master Ball Best starter pokemon
How to earn EXP How to earn Money
Ash’s Pikachu Poke ride
Amulet Coin Surfing Pikachu
Things not to do Totem Sticker
Lucky Egg Mantine surf
Roto Loto Ultra Megalopolis
Ultra Necrozma Eevee Evolutions
How to get Sword Dance
Recommended Pokemon
Initial Stages Middle Stages Late Stages

Tips and Tricks



Tips on capturing Pokemon Field Effects

IV Breeding

Natures What are IVs
IV Breeding Nursery Location
Egg Judge
Hyper Training Hatching Place
Shiny Pokemon Destiny Knot
Ever Stone Oval Charm
High IV Ditto How to get Shiny Charm

EV Training

What is Base stats What is Effort Value (EV)
How to earn Money How to reset EVs
SOS call Pokerus
Friend Ship Affection
Pokemon Refresh How to get Heart Scale
How to evolve Eevee Alternate Forms List
Rare Candy

Game Database


Healing Items Battle Items
Pokeballs Berries
Evolution Items Evolution Stones
EV Training Items Wild Pokemon Held Items
Stoutland Search Items Items from Pickup Ability
BP Items Key Items

Festival Plaza

Shop Items Lottery Prizes
Food Stalls Fortune Teller
Haunted Houses Dye Combinations
Hairstyles Key Items

Other Features

TM List Fishing
Useful NPCs/Facilities Poke Ride


Pokédex Directory

Game Overview

The Pokémon (short for Pocket Monsters) franchise is one of the most beloved works in video games, giving rise to a collection of other media which includes various tv shows, movies, collectible toys and a popular card game throughout the years.

The franchise is about mysterious creatures called Pokémon that are encountered throughout the series’ fictional world. Pokémon Trainers raise and train them for Pokémon Battles to prove their prowess and achieve fame glory throughout the land. Outside of competition, Pokémon are seen as companions and friends, and learn to live in harmony with people.  Currently, there are 802 known fictional species of Pokémon which have appeared in various games, media and merchandise.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon were announced worldwide on June 6, 2017 (11pm, JST) via Nintendo Direct, Nintendo’s online news streaming service. They are considered the second paired versions of Pokémon‘s Generation VII with an alternate storyline from the original Pokémon Sun and Moon games.

Announcement Video

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Game Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon
Genre Role-Playing
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
Release date November 17, 2017