New Pokémon Snap - Characters

All characters in New Pokemon Snap, including their background in the game and their voice actor/actress.

New Pokemon Snap - All Characters

All Characters in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - Characters

Below is a list of characters in New Pokemon Snap. Included are their background information and their voice actor/actress.

Character Character Background Voice Actor / Actress
New Pokemon Snap - Protagonist Main CharacterProtagonist The main character is a budding photographer asked to take pictures of Lental Region’s wild Pokemon. VA (JP): ?
VA (EN):
ShinProfessor Mirror Professor Mirror is a Pokemon and natural environment researcher. He is the head the research team assigned for exploring the Lental Region. He works at the Laboratory of Ecology and Natural Sciences (LENS). VA (JP): Ryotaro Okiayu
VA (EN):
Ben Lepley
New Pokemon Snap - RitaRita Rita is Professor Mirror’s research assistant. She is eager to instruct the main character about the islands of Lental and professor’s ecological survey. VA (JP): Manami Numakura
VA (EN):
Anairis Quinones
New Pokemon Snap - PhilPhil Phil is a part of the Professor Mirror’s research team along with main the character. He is the protagonist’s rival and he can be a little aggressive at times. VA (JP): Kappei Yamaguchi
VA (EN):
Griffin Burns
Todd Snap Todd is a returning character from Pokemon Snap for N64. He is a professional Pokemon Photographer from the Kanto Region and currently helps Professor Mirror in their survey of Lental. VA (JP): Erica Mendez
VA (EN):
Makoto Koichi
Captain Vince Captain Vince is the original Lental Region explorer and discoverer of the Illumina Pokemon. VA (JP): ?
VA (EN): ?

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