New Pokémon Snap - Photodex Guide

Overview and guide for the Photodex in New Pokemon Snap or Pokemon Snap 2, including making entries, scoring, evaluation, items and tools.

New Pokemon Snap - Photodex Guide

Photodex Guide in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - Photodex Album

The Photodex is your very own collection of stunning photographs in New Pokemon Snap. It display details of each Pokemon that you encounter in the Lental region.

Head on an expedition to get started. Rinse and repeat to gather more photos.

A Photodex entry

Similar to a Pokedex entry, the Photodex lists a Pokemon’s category, height, weight, type, gender differences, and its summary. In addition, the Photodex also holds four different kinds of photos each having a star rating and a caption.

The upper right hand corner shows how much Photodex score you’ve attained.

Lental Photodex

Report to Professor Mirror

Show your Photodex to Professor Mirror to have him assess your progress as a photographer. Among the pictures you’ve taken, you can choose which one to populate your Photodex.


New Pokemon Snap - Photodex Scoring

Each photo will be judged according to a myriad of factors. These consist of subject’s pose, their size, the angle from which they are taken, their appearance on the frame, and presence of other Pokemon, to name a few.


Professor Mirror uses stars to gauge the performance of each photo. You can earn between one to four stars based on the criteria. As an added bonus, he’ll provide some tips to help you get better photos. Strive to collect many four-star photos.

Photodex Scoring Guide


You can toss different kinds of items to interact with the Pokemon in the Lental region. Among these include food items which the subject can snack on.


The Photodex also features new tools such as:

  • Scan Mode

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