New Pokémon Snap - Why So Still? Request Walkthrough

Why So Still? request walkthrough and guide for New Pokemon Snap. Included are the request's availability, how to unlock, course, description, target Pokemon location, and rewards for clearing.

New Pokemon Snap - Why So Still? Request Walkthrough

Why So Still? Request Walkthrough


Availability Unlocked after registering Swampert to the Photodex and reaching Founja Jungle (Night) Lv. 2
Client Rita
Course Founja Jungle (Night) Lv.2
Description “Hmmm, that Swampert isn’t moving at all. Do you suppose it’s not feeling well?”
Clear Reward Crown 2 Sticker

Target Pokemon

Name Location Conditions
Swampert Swamp area Must be shot while it is throwing mud at Leafeon.


1 From the starting location, move forward and take the alternate route going to the swamp (right path).
2 You will come across a Leafeon along the path. Throw a Fluffruit behind it before passing it. This will cause Leafeon to go ahead of you to the swamp.
3 Follow Leafeon into the swamp to find it looking up at three hanging Ariados. Quickly use the Melody Player to cause the Ariados to drop down and scare Leafeon.
4 Leafeon will then run to the swamp which will cause Swampert to wake up. When Swampert is roused, throw an Illumina Orb at it. Swampert will then start playing with Leafeon by throwing mud.
5 Take a photo of Swampert while it is throwing mud at Leafeon to clear the request.


Name Details
Crown 2 Sticker Can be used to edit photos.
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