New Pokémon Snap - Game Controls

A breakdown of New Pokemon Snap or Pokemon Snap 2 game controls for the Nintendo Switch, including unlockable commands in the main story.

New Pokemon Snap - Game Controls and Commands

Game Controls and Commands in New Pokemon Snap

Here is a breakdown of game controls for Nintendo Switch in New Pokemon Snap:

Neo-One Controls

Input Action
D-Pad Buttons Turn Around / Face Direction
L Stick Move Pointer and Camera
R Stick Camera Operation
X Button Scan
Y Button Illumina Orb
A Button Take a Photo
B Button Fluffruit
L Button Zoom
ZL Button Zoom
R Button Melody
ZR Button Turbo
– (Minus) Button
+ (Plus) Button

Research Camp Controls

Input Action
D-Pad Buttons Move
L Stick Move
A Button Select / Accept
B Button Back / Cancel

List of Unlockable Commands

Commands How to Unlock
Zoom Already available
Move Pointer and Camera Already available
Turn Around / Face Direction Already available
Take a Photo Already available
Scan Clear Second Research Outing
Fluffruit Clear Illumina Spot Research Outing
Illumina Orb Take a photo of Crystalbloom at night in the Jungle
Melody Clear Jungle Day and Night Level 2
Turbo Clear the first four Illumina Spots.

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