New Pokémon Snap - Illumina Orb Guide

Overview and guide for Illumina Orb in New Pokemon Snap or Pokemon Snap 2, including an overview, details on its effects, how to use it, and Pokemon affected by it.

New Pokemon Snap - Illumina Orb Guide

Illumina Orb Guide in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - Illumina Orb

Among the features in the New Pokemon Snap is the Illumina phenomenon. This mysterious phenomenon affects both vegetation and Pokemon that live in the region.

What is the Illumina Phenomenon

New Pokemon Snap - Illumina Orb Guide

The Illumina is a mystery exclusive to the region of Lental. The phenomenon is said to affect not only the surroundings but also some Pokemon that inhabit the region. During your trek across the region, you’ll find that some Pokemon stand out from the others. In the trailer, the trainer spotted a Meganium that is exposed to the phenomenon.

What is an Illumina Orb

New Pokemon Snap - Illumina Orb

The Illumina Orb is a spherical object marked with a floral pattern. Using an Illumina Orb on Pokemon will elicit behavioral changes.

How to use Illumina Orb

While taking pictures, you can press the Y button to personally use the Illumina Orb. There are no restrictions of use for Illumina Orb once its available to you Photodex. This is similar to the Melody function of the Photodex

Melody Guide

It is effective to use the Illumina Orb when there are Pokemon running away.

Hit Crystabloom to emit Illumina

New Pokemon Snap - Crystal Flower Illumina

You can also hit Crystabloom to trigger an Illumina effect. This will also affect nearby Pokemon to show Special Poses. This is also helpful when taking pictures during nighttime or evenings.

Pokemon the reacts to Illumina Orb

Here are the Pokemon that reacts to Illumina Orbs when exposed:

Lental Photodex

  • Magikarp
  • Machamp
  • Octillery
  • Corsola (Johto Form)
  • Tangrowth
  • Swanna
  • Scorbunny

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