New Pokémon Snap - Bounsweet’s Amazing Journey Request Walkthrough

Bounsweet's Amazing Journey request walkthrough and guide for New Pokemon Snap. Included are the request's availability, how to unlock, course, description, target Pokemon location, and rewards for clearing.

New Pokemon Snap - Bounsweet's Amazing Journey Request Walkthrough

Bounsweet’s Amazing Journey Request Walkthrough


Availability Unlocked after getting the Melody Player and reaching Founja Jungle (Night) Lv. 2
Client Phil
Course Founja Jungle (Night)
Description “Hey, let’s have a contest to see who can take the best photo of Bounsweet!”
Clear Reward Ribbon 5 Sticker

Target Pokemon

Name Location Conditions
Bounsweet On a ledge near the starting location. Must be shot while they strike a terrified pose in the Ariados’ web.


1 Immediately at the start of the Founja Jungle (Night) course, move forward along the path while looking to the ledges to your left. You should catch sight of two Bounsweet sleeping.
2 Use the Melody Player to wake them up. They will then fly off and get stuck in Ariados’ web just a little further away to your left again.
3 When you catch sight of the Ariados in the web, throw a Fluffruit at it to wake it up.
4 Get ready to take a photo of the two Bounsweets terrified expressions when Ariados wakes up and tries to attack them.
5 Take a photo of the two scared Bounsweets before they fall off the web.


Name Details
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