New Pokémon Snap - Dam, Sweet Dam Request Walkthrough

Dam, Sweet Dam request walkthrough and guide for New Pokemon Snap. Included are the request's availability, how to unlock, course, description, target Pokemon location, and rewards for clearing.

New Pokemon Snap - Dam, Sweet Dam Request Walkthrough

Dam, Sweet Dam Request Walkthrough


Availability Unlocked after using the scanner and discovering the route leading to Bidoof dam at Florio Nature Park.
Client Professor Mirror
Course Florio Nature Park (Day)
Description “Did you notice that the Bidoof finished building their dam? I’m sure you’ll find a happy resident living inside.”
Clear Reward Nose Sticker

Target Pokemon

Name Location Conditions
Bidoof Bidoof dam


1 Head to the lake area of Florio Nature Park (day) and use the scanner to find the passage to the dam.
2 Throw a Fluffruit at top of the dam (near the hole) and wait for Bidoof to come out.
3 Take a photo of Bidoof when it comes out of the hole to eat the Fluffruit.


Name Details
Nose Sticker Can be used to edit photos.
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