New Pokémon Snap - Nintendo Unveils a New Pokemon Snap Overview

Details on the latest New Pokemon Snap trailer, Overview, was revealed on Nintendo's official Youtube channel. Included are an overview, a brief summary of the Pokemon Photographer's role, and features of the upcoming game.

New Pokemon Snap - Nintendo Unveils an New Pokemon Snap Overview

Overview Trailer

Nintendo’s youtube channel posted a trailer on the 16th of April, 2021 which expands on the features for the upcoming game – New Pokemon Snap.

Areas abound

The trailer kicks off with an introduction to the various zones in the Lental region. The region consists of several breathtaking islands filled with diverse areas ranging from jungles, forests, beaches, and even deserts. What’s more, there are plenty of wild Pokemon that inhabit each of these areas.

Photography 101

Serving as Professor Mirror’s protege, you’ll be assigned a ride called the Neo1, a dome shaped vehicle that allows you to trek across the area seamlessly. The starting segment gives a glimpse of the basic controls for the camera.

Photodex evaluation

Each expedition ends with an evaluation of your performance. The trailer shows Professor Mirror. He’ll be judging your progress based on factors like the amount of photos taken and the species you’ve collected on your expedition. The background appears to resemble the professor’s laboratory.

Using items

Aside from having their very own vehicle, Pokemon photographers will also make use of items to interact with the wild Pokemon that inhabit the region. The overview trailer showcases the use of the Fluff Fruit, a consumable item that draws the attention of Pokemon. The trailer demonstrates the use of Fluff fruit on various species of Pokemon. This mechanic appears to share elements from the recurring Safari Zone of the main titles.

Another way to interact with wild Pokemon is to play a melody. Belt one out and watch as Pokemon sway to the beat.

Witness the Illumina phenomenon

The illumina is a mysterious phenomenon that you’ll study in the region. You can force the phenomenon to appear using an item called an illumina orb. Here, the trailer shows the effect of throwing an illumina orb on various wild Pokemon. Apparently, the use of illumina orb fills a Pokemon with life energy. The phenomenon can also affect crystal blooms which are flowers that grow in the Lental region. The trailer hints that using illumina orb on crystal blooms not only makes them glow but can also pave the way to unlocking secrets of the area.

Analyze the area

The camera has a special function that allows you to learn more about the surroundings which can’t be seen by the naked eye. The trailer reveals that the feature allows Pokemon photographers to learn about other secrets that exist outside of the illumina phenomenon. In addition to the environment, the scanner also unlocks new reactions from wild Pokemon.

Secret paths

Moreover, the scanner can also detect paths that lead to hidden areas. The trailer breaks down some of the advantages. By taking these paths, the photographer unlocks new scenery and angles which expands your options when taking photos.

Working on your research level

The trailer also touches on the study of areas during the expedition. A Pokemon photographer who revisits an area multiple times can earn experience to bump up his research level. Reaching higher research levels unlocks new species of Pokemon and new paths that lead to new locations.

Encountering an Illumina Pokemon

Sometimes, you can summon an Illumina Pokemon to approach you. Unlike regular Pokemon, an Illumina Pokemon boasts unique markings on its body. So far, details on how to find them are scarce.

Understanding Photo scores

After taking a photo of a Pokemon, Professor Mirror assigns a score based on six factors which you’ll be able to view during the grading phase. Aside from the total score, you’ll also hear some remarks from the Professor which can be vital on your next expedition. The trailer also reveals that each photo will have a rating which range from one to four stars. The rating depends on the documented behavior of the Pokemon.

Decorating your photos

After taking a photo, you’ll have the option to fine tune and add details depending on your preference. A sample of the adjustments include brightness, blur, zoom and focal point. Keep in mind that these are only representatives of the full list of adjustments and that there will be other options to choose from.

After storing the photo to your personal album, you’ll unlock even more options that can add details. Choose among the filters, stickers, and frames using the photo editor. The trailer shows some samples of witty photos which apply a combination of these effects to enhance or accentuate certain details.

Tell your friends

With a nintendo online subscription, a Pokemon photographer can take his hobby to the next level by connecting and sharing photos for the world to see. The trailer explains that each photographer will have a personal page which stores photos that you have curated. The online page contains even more features such as sending and receiving medals, and the leaderboard.

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