New Pokémon Snap - Research Title List


List of all obtainable Research Titles in New Pokemon Snap or Pokemon Snap 2, including their unlocking conditions in the game.

New Pokemon Snap - Lental Region Photodex Research Title List

All Research Titles in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - Research Titles

Stickers are collectible achievements in New Pokemon Snap. Each title has its own requirements and can also unlock other collectibles in the game such as Stickers and Icons.

How to Acquire Research Titles

Stickers are unlocked by reaching certain milestones in the main story or by clearing certain requests in the game. You can base your progress in the game by acquiring all research titles. Go to the lab and view “Your Space” to check your current achievements.

Other Collectibles

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All Research Titles in New Pokemon Snap

Here is a list of obtainable Research Titles in New Pokemon Snap. Research Titles are grouped by specific categories:

All LenTalk Requests

Research-related Titles

Research Title How to Acquire
Photo Program Newbie Research Florio Nature Park for the first time.
Dam Completed Discover a route that leads over to Bidoof’s dam in Florio Nature Park.
Lab Explorer Discover a research camp that leads into the lab.
Gentle Wonder Register the Illumina Pokemon Meganium in your Photodex.
Lental Research Team Research Belusylva Island for the first time.
Path to the Swamp Discover a route in Founja Jungle that leads to the swamp.
Hindsight Waterfall Discover a route in Founja Jungle that leads to the other side of the waterfall.
Pinnacle of Beauty Register the Illumina Pokemon Milotic to your Photodex.
Ocean Research Team Research the Maricopia Islands for the first time.
Private Beach Discover a route on Blushing Beach that leads to a hidden beach.
Blue Hole Discover a route in Maricopia Reef that leads to a blue hole.
Under the Sea Discover a route on the Lental Seafloor that leads to an undersea cave.
Ruler of the Deep Sea Register the Illumina Pokemon Wishiwashi (School Form) to your Photodex.
Desert Research Team Research Voluca Island for the first time.
Oasis Tour Guide Research all routes around the oasis in the Sweltering Sands.
Blue Magma Discover a route in Fireflow Volcano that leads to a cave with blue lava.
Banquet of Fire Register the Illumina Pokemon Volcarona to your Photodex.
Distant Land Research Team Research Durice Island for the first time.
Giant Crystals Discover a route in Outaway Cave that leads to giant crystals.
Underground Guardian Register the Illumina Pokemon Steelix to your Photodex.
Accomplished Research Team Research Aurus Island for the first time.
Elevator of Light Discover the path of light in the Ruins of Remembrance that leads above ground.
Brief Awakening Register the Illumina Pokemon Xerneas to your Photodex.
Grand Research Team Research all areas in the Lental region.
Fledgling Researcher Max out your research level on 1 course.

Photography-related Titles

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Photodex-related Titles

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Technique-related Titles

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Action-related Titles

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Online-related Titles

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