New Pokémon Snap - Photodex Scoring Guide

A guide on how to earn Photodex Scores in New Pokemon Snap. Included are basic information on Photodex Scores, mechanics, actions that allow you to accumulate scores, and other related features.

New Pokémon Snap - How to Earn Photodex Scores

How to Earn Photodex Scores in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - Photodex Score

Photodex Scores are points that you earn by taking photos of Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap. Professor Mirror will assess your photos based on a number of factors, including pose, their size, and presence of other Pokemon in the photo. The score you will get depends on Professor Mirror’s rating.

Photodex Overview and Guide

You can view your current Photodex Score at the upper right corner of the Photodex screen.

What Actions Let You Earn Photodex Scores?

Shooting New Pokemon

Taking photos of Pokemon that are not yet registered to your Photodex nets you scores. Be sure to explore the wild to find as many types of Pokemon to shoot with your camera.

Shooting Pokemon During their Special Pose (SP)

On rare instances, Pokemon in the wild will strike Special Poses (SP) that reward you with high scores. Pokemon will also adopt Special Poses when you use the Illumina Orb.

Shooting Group Photos

You can also earn Photodex Scores by taking group photos of Pokemon. This means that you can earn more scores by having different types of Pokemon in one photo.

Benefits of Earning Photodex Scores

May Increase the Research Level (to be confirmed)

It is assumed that accumulating Photodex Scores will raise your Research Level. While this has yet to be confirmed, it is likely that the two values are closely related.

Your Research Level may also affect the appearance rate of legendary Pokemon such as Celebi and Lugia. More information on this will be added when they are confirmed in official sources.

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