New Pokémon Snap - Shockingly Well-done Request Walkthrough

Shockingly Well-done request walkthrough and guide for New Pokemon Snap. Included are the request's availability, how to unlock, course, description, target Pokemon location, and rewards for clearing.

New Pokemon Snap - Shockingly Well-done Request Walkthrough

Shockingly Well-done Request Walkthrough


Availability Unlocked after clearing the first Illumina Spot.
Client Professor Mirror
Course Florio Nature Park (Day)
Description “Have you seen which Pokemon is scorching these fruits? I’d like you to try to catch the culprit in the act, if you wouldn’t mind.”
Clear Reward Effect 4 Sticker

Target Pokemon

Name Location Conditions
Emolga Near a Fluffruit tree to the right of the open area after the first stream of Florio Nature Park. Must be shot while zapping a Fluffruit.


1 Go past the first stream and follow the path until you come across a some burnt Fluffruits near a tree on your right. You can use the scanner as well to examine the burnt fruits.
2 Use a Fluffruit and place it near the burnt ones to lure Emolga.
3 When Emolga appears, it will start zapping the uncharred fruit you left.
4 Take a photo of Emolga before it finishes zapping the fruit.


Name Details
Effect 4 Sticker Can be used to edit photos.
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