New Pokémon Snap - Walkthroughs

List of Lental Region level walkthroughs for New Pokemon Snap or Pokemon Snap 2, including their accessible areas and unlocking conditions in the game.

New Pokemon Snap - Lental Region Levels Courses Routes Walkthroughs

All Walkthroughs in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - Lental Region Levels Courses Routes Walkthroughs

Here is a breakdown of different levels in New Pokemon Snap. While exploring an area, the main character must pick unique routes along the way in order to captures pictures of unique Pokemon. Also included are Pokemon that can be found per area or course.

Lental Region Overview

Florio Nature Park (Florio Island)

▼Nature Park Walkthroughs
Park (Day) Park (Night)
Park (Illumina Spot)

Founja Jungle (Belusylva Island)

▼Jungle Walkthroughs
Jungle (Day) Jungle (Night)

Sweltering Sands (Voluca Island)

▼Sands Walkthroughs
Sands (Day) Sands (Night)

Blushing Beach (Maricopia Islands)

▼Beach Walkthroughs
Beach (Day) Beach (Night)

Maricopia Reef (Maricopia Island)

▼Reef Walkthroughs
Reef (Day) Reef (Night)

Lental Seafloor (Maricopia Island)

▼Undersea Walkthroughs
Undersea Undersea (Illumina Spot)

Fireflow Volcano (Voluca Island)

▼Volcano Walkthroughs
Volcano (Day) Volcano (Illumina Spot)

Elsewhere Forest (Belusylva Island)

▼Forest Walkthroughs
Forest (Day) Forest (Illumina Spot)

Research Camp

▼Research Camp Walkthroughs
Research Camp (Day)

Shiver Snowfields (Durice Island)

▼Snowfield Walkthroughs
Snowfields (Day) Snowfields (Night)

Outaway Cave (Durice Island)

▼Cave Walkthroughs
Cave Cave (Illumina Spot)

Ruins of Remembrance (Aurus Island)

▼Ruins Walkthroughs
Ruins Ruins (Illumina Spot)

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