Anthem - Crafting Weapons and Equipment Guide

A guide on how to craft weapons and equipment in Anthem. This includes how to obtain them and their different types in terms of materials and blueprints.

Anthem - Ranger Melee Ability

Crafting Weapons and Equipment

Anthem allows players to craft various weapons and equipment by collecting and combining materials or obtaining blueprints. The quality of the arsenal also depends on the rarity of the materials collected.

Types of Crafting Materials

There are four crafting materials that can be obtained in Anthem.

Crafting Material Description
Chimeric Alloy and Chimeric Compound Crafting materials used for general purpose in the game
Weapon Parts Crafting materials used for making weapons.
Embers Materials for crafting blueprints. If the item to be crafted it labeled Rare (Blue), Rare Ember are needed to create it.
Javelin-specific materials Exclusive crafting items unique to javelins. These crafted items complement the javelin’s support and combat abilities.

Collecting Crafting Materials

1. Free Play

Objects are scattered all over the field when exploring the world in Free Play. Materials necessary for crafting, like “chimeric compounds,” can be obtained by recovering these boxes.

2. Obtained by Disassembly

You can also disassemble weapons and equipment to get some additional materials.

3. Purchase from Shops

These crafting materials can also be bought in Prospero’s Vanity Store and Sayrna’s Regulator Store in exchange of coins.  Coins are gained from the missions you conducted.

Crafting Materials Location

Here are the locations or procedures in obtaining crafting materials.

Crafting Material Location
Chimeric Alloy and Chimeric Compound Located in plants and rocks during missions and Free Play. They are also obtainable when you dismantle certain types of gear.
Weapon Parts Located inside of part containers during missions and Free Play. They are also obtainable when you dismantle certain weapons.
Embers Obtained from harvesting as random drops. They are also obtained from dismantling items of each specific rarity.
Javelin-specific materials Obtained from dismantling parts unique to each javelin. For example, Storm components can give Storm-specific materials.


Blueprints are required before you can craft items and can be obtained by clearing missions or specific challenges. Blueprints have rarity levels. The higher rarity requires more hard-to-get materials and higher-tiered challenges.

Types of Blueprint and How to Obtain Them

Blueprint How to Obtain
Weapon Blueprint By completing Weapon-specific challenges. Each weapon blueprint has its own condition such as getting kills with that weapon.
Weapon Sigil By gaining loyalty levels with the Arcanist faction.
Ammo and Armor Components By gaining loyalty levels with the Freelancer faction.
Ability and Elemental Components By gaining loyalty levels with the Sentinel faction.
Javelin Abilities By using the ability/gear required for you to equip for certain missions.

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