Starfield - Best Traits to Choose

Best traits to choose for Starfield, including recommended unique characteristics to pick at the character creation screen when playing the game for the first time.

Starfield - Best Traits to Choose

Best Traits to Choose for Starfield

Pick the traits that interest you the most.

Upon starting Starfield and reaching the character creation screen, you must choose three (3) special character traits. These unique characteristics should match your playstyle or how you want to role-play in the game.

Each trait has advantages and disadvantages that your character will affect your character throughout the game. Note that it is possible to start the game without selecting any traits, especially if you think they have drawbacks that will severely limit your enjoyment while exploring.

Traits cannot be changed even after going to New Game Plus (NG+).

After picking your preferred traits, you will not be able to change even when you beat the game and begin a New Game Plus (NG+) playthrough. Because of this, try to select traits carefully at the character creation screen.

Recommended Traits (Best to Get for the First Playthrough)

If you simply cannot decide which traits to get, you can choose any of the ones listed below which offer very useful benefits that generally outweigh their disadvantages or make the game a bit more fun.

For a first playthrough, you can try going for Kid Stuff, Hero Worshipped, Wanted, or Empath.

Trait Description Effect
Kid Stuff Your parents are alive and well, and you can visit them at their home. But you will automatically send 2% of your credits home to them every week. You can visit your parents in the game and earn rewards.
Hero Worshipped You’ve earned the attention of an annoying “Adoring Fan” who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly. On the plus side, he’ll join your ship’s crew and give you gifts… Lets you recruit the Adoring Fan as a crew member and companion.
Wanted Someone put a price on your head, and word has spread. Occasionally, armed mercenaries will show up and try to kill you, but being cornered gives you an edge – when your health is low, you do extra damage. You will be more likely to be attacked by mercenaries,  increases the number of ship dogfights you may encounter, helps you earn skill challenges, and lets you earn respect from certain enemies.
Empath You are deeply connected to the feelings of others. Performing actions your companion likes will result in a temporary increase in combat effectiveness. But, performing actions they don’t like will have the precise opposite effect. Increases dialogue options. There are no disadvantages to this unless you do something that makes your companions dislike you.

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