Starfield - Digipick Tips

Digipick tips for Starfield, including some useful tricks, tips, and advice for lockpicking for beginners and new players.

Starfield - Digipick Tips

Digipick Tips (Lockpicking) for Starfield

Quick save before you try to pick the lock.

Before attempting to pick any lock, be sure to do a quick save first. Doing so lets you avoid wasting Digipicks if you fail.

Always note the configuration of the final lock layer first before the outer layers.

When using Digipicks, try to focus on final security layer (indicated by the smallest translucent ring of the entire lock assembly) first and work your combinations outwards. This will help you prioritize which combinations to use first or save for the final layer when lockpicking.

Look for adjacent slots in the lock.

Always look for sections where two slots are adjacent to each other first as these the easiest to identify and match with a pick combination. Doing this first will often hep you rule out the wrong combination or mess up the sequence.

Look for combinations that fit into a lot of slots.

The next thing to do after identifying sections of the lock with adjacent slots is to to check your available keys for those that only fit in a layer with a lot of slots. These combinations are often used in very limited situations so check if you can rule them out of the sequence when trying to pick locks.

Avoid using one-slot keys immediately.

One-slot keys can be used in any slot in the sequence but it is best to save them for later after you have figured out where the multi-slot keys go first.

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