Starfield - Ship Building Guide: How to Build and Customize your Ship

Overview and guide on ship building and customization in Starfield, including a breakdown of ship parts or modules and how to upgrade your spaceship in the game.

Starfield - Ship Building Guide: How to Build and Customize your Ship

How to Build and Customize your Ship in Starfield

Below is an overview and guide about Ship building in Starfield. This includes information ship customizations and upgrades in the game.

Ship Builder Location

Speak to the Ship Service Technician

Arrive on New Atlantis, speak with the Spacecraft Service Technician next to the kiosk board, and choose “I want to modify my ship” to access the ship modification screen.

What are the Ship Stats?

Here are the stats you need to take into consideration when building a ship:

Stat Description
LAS Laser weapon damage output
BAL Ballistic weapon damage output
MSL Missile damage output
Hull Amount of damage that a ship can withstand.
Shield Amount of incoming damage that the shields can withstand.
Reactor Total amount of energy available for distribution among different systems of a ship.
Cargo Overall cargo capacity of a ship.
Shielded Cargo Total amount of cargo the ship can transport without detection.
Crew Capacity Maximum number of crew members on your ship at any given time.
Fuel Your ship’s overall fuel capacity.
Jump Range (Light Years) The overall distance that a single grav jump can cover.
Mobility Indicates how agile your spacecraft is in combat.
Top Speed The maximum speed that your ship can accomplish.
Mass The ship’s entire weight. While there is no maximum weight for your spacecraft, the heavier it is, the slower it will be and the more difficult it will be to manage.

Types of Spacecraft Ships

3 types from A class to C class

Ship Class Ship Class
A Class Ship Low Weapon Damage, High Mobility
B Class Ship Balanced Weapon Damage and Mobility
C Class Ship High Weapon Damage, Low Mobility

How to Upgrade your Ship

Upgrade your starter ship, the Frontier

Rather than purchasing additional ships right away, you can upgrade your initial ship, the Frontier, during the early game. The Frontier can accommodate two members of your crew and may be upgraded at a cost of 4,382 credits.

Open the Ship Upgrade Screen

Pressing [E] brings up the ship’s upgrade panel, where you may buy and change items like guns, engines, and shields.

Open the Ship Builder

Press [B] to launch the Ship Builder mode. This mode allows you to break down and combine ship parts one by one.

Open the Ship Module

By pressing [G], you can add a module to your ship. Modules are available for purchase in the game.

Ship Building Specifications

How to install a ship module or part

When you purchased a module, select the module and press [Space]. Drag the module and connect it to an open anchor point of your ship. Press [E] to add the module.

The Reactor class will determine the Module class

The kind of reactor determines the type of modules that may be fitted.

Habs come in multiple types

Habitat Modules, commonly known as “Habs” These modules serve as the ship’s population’s residential quarters. They boost the crew and passenger capacity of your ship. They also allow you to build various quarters and workstations within your spacecraft.

Press [←] or [→] on your keyboard to switch and examine your multiple Habs such as the armory or captain’s office.

Always make a flight check

Perform a flight check by pressing [C] to see if there are errors in your ship building such as modules not connected correctly.

Repair errors while connecting modules or purchasing new ones.

Update your weapons whenever your update your ship

If you replaced or change your ship’s weapons, an error “Armament not deployed” will show up.

Press [T] to exit the error notice and change weapons, then assign the combined weapon to the vacant spot on your ship build.

Ship Module Parts

Below is a list of ship module parts that you can purchase and replace during ship building:

Ship Module Ship Part Description
  • Spaceship Landing Bays come equipped with an auto-deploying ramp for quick access to and from a planet’s surface.
Cargo Hold
  • Spaceship Cargo Modules increase your ship’s inventory space.
  • Spaceship Cargo Modules increase your ship’s inventory space.
  • Cowling modules can be used to change the size and form of a spacecraft.
  • Spaceship Dockers allow you to dock with and board another vessel or a starstation.
  • Every Spaceship in Starfield needs Engines. Upgrade them to increase speed and acceleration. The mass of your entire ship will affect performance.
Fuel Tanks
  • Space Fuel Tanks store Helium-3, which is used by the Grav Drive to perform a jump. Upgraded Fuel Tanks allow you plot longer courses, to travel farther without stopping.
Grav Drive
  • A Graviton Loop Arrary, or Grav Drive, allows your ship to jump to other star systems. Upgrade to increase your jump range.
  •  Deimos Habitat Modules come in several different interior configurations, for a variety of personalization options.
Landing Gears
  • Auto-deploying Landing Gear allows your ship to touch down smoothly on even the roughest of terrain.
  • Spacehip Reactors provide power to all of your ship’s systems.
Shield Generator
  • Spaceship Shield Modules help protect your ship from incoming damage.
Structural Components
  •  Structural components are largely cosmetic, and allow you to modify your ship’s shape, size, personality and silhouette.
  •  Structural components are largely cosmetic, and allow you to modify your ship’s shape, size, personality and silhouette.

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