Starfield - Research Project Guide

Research Project guide for Starfield, including how to start a research project, the research lab's location, all types of research projects in the game, and other useful information.

Starfield - Research Guide

Research Guide for Starfield

How to Research

Go to the Research Lab

You can conduct or start a research project at the Research Lab. The Research Lab can be found on your ship and in major settlements.

The first Research Lab you’ll come across is in New Atlantis, located in the basement of The Lodge. Access the research lab terminal to access all available research projects.

Research Lab Location

To find the Research Lab, you must enter the Jemison planet in the Alpha Centauri system.

Head to New Atlantis City and proceed to The Lodge. Follow the path on the right towards the basement to find the room with research project terminals.

Choosing a Research Project

Once you access the terminal, you will have to choose an item you want to research from the five categories of research projects.

Select a project within the category and input the materials required to start the research project. Note that it is not necessary to input all the materials required at once since the research will still progress even if you input a small amount.

Furthermore, even if you leave the research lab, all your progress will be saved, allowing you to resume the project from where you left off even if you go to other research labs.

Types of Research Project

Type Details
Pharmacology Unlocks crafting recipes for aiding items and items that cure status ailments.
Food and Drink Unlocks crafting recipes for consumable items and items that increase stats.
Outpost Development Unlocks modules that allow you to build outposts (storage, mines, and research hubs).
Equipment Unlocks crafting recipes for armor mods that can be used to modify your armor’s stats.
Weaponry Unlocks crafting recipes for weapon mods that can be used to modify your weapon’s stats.

Starfield List of All Recipes (Research Project)

Complete a Research Project to unlock a new one

Completing a research project allows you to unlock a new one that depends on the “Research Tree”.

You can check out the branches of research projects in the “Research Tree” menu.

There are Research Projects that require Special Skills

Some research projects may require you to use advanced, expert, master skills.

Skills List Coming soon!

What are Research Projects?

Unlocks crafting recipes and information about items and equipment

Research Projects provide information about items and equipment upon completion. The information you acquire allows you to acquire recipes to craft these items and equipment.

“Research Lab lets you discover new crafting recipes by completing research projects. Each research project requires materials in order to make progress.

The materials needed can range from raw minerals extracted from planets, to organic substances extracted from alien creatures and plantlife, to manufactured components that can be made at an Industrial Workbench.”

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