Starfield - Can You Reset Skill Points?

Can you reset skill points in Starfield? Here are answers based on the game and some useful information about skill points.

Starfield - Can You Reset Skill Points?

Can You Reset Skills Points in Starfield?

 Players cannot reset or respec points

Unfortunately, there is no skill point reset feature in Starfield.

Therefore, it is recommended to plan ahead and spend your skill points carefully.

You can learn all the skills in time

Starfield has no level cap, which means you are bound to learn all the skills if you play the game for a long time.

However, acquiring all of the skills may take quite some time since it requires level 300 or higher to learn them all.

Save the game before using skill points

Save the game before using your skill points. You can use this trick to test out the skills in the game.

If the skill’s effect does not meet your expectations, simply load the game from where you were before using skill points and try out different skills.

Skill point reset feature may be implemented in future game updates

Bethesda Game Studios has a history of adding skill point reset features, just like what they did to Fallout 76.

It took two years before they added the feature in Fallout 76, so we may have to wait a while for this feature.

Nonetheless, there’s a chance that they will implement the skill point reset feature in future Starlight updates.

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