Starfield - How to Scan

How to scan guide for Starfield, including how to use the scanner, how to scan objects and resources, best skills for scanning, and other useful information.

Starfield - How to Scan

How to Scan Guide for Starfield

How to Scan

Press LB button (Xbox) or F key (PC) to open the scanner

To activate the scanner while on foot, press the LB button (Xbox) or F key (PC).

Press the button again if want to close the scanner.

Aim the scanner at your target

Scanning objects on different planets increases the percentage of your planetary exploration. Aim at an object, then press the A button (Xbox) or E key (PC) to scan a target.

Unexplored areas will be shown with blue lines on your scanner, while scanned areas will show blue with a glowing effect on your scanner.

Objects that have been 100% scanned will turn green, making it easy to distinguish them from unscanned objects.

Objects can only be scanned once

An object can only be scanned once and it is not possible to scan the same object multiple times.

To accomplish 100% completion on survey percentage, you need to find and scan various objects of the same type on the planet.

Planet resources only need to be scanned once

You only need to scan each planet’s resources once. Afterwards, resources will automatically show up on your scanner, exhibiting other resources available on the planet.

Best Skills for Scanning Objects, Resources, and Planets

Science Skills

Skill Details
  • This skill gives you a higher chance to get rare resources from plants and gain more information about them.
  • This skill gives you a higher chance to get rare materials from creatures and gain more information about them.
  • This skill extends the range of your scanner by 10 meters every time you level it up.

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