Starfield - How to Get Digipicks

How to Get Digipicks guide for Starfield, including stores that sell the item, how to find the stores, how to use the Digipick, and other useful information.

Starfield - How to Get Digipicks

How to Get Digipicks Guide for Starfield

How to Get Digipicks

Check desks, lockers, and containers

Digipicks are often found on desks, lockers, and containers. Use the scanner to find Digipicks on these objects easily.

Loot corpses

After you’ve killed someone or discovered a body, check the corpses for items; some of them may be carrying Digipicks.

Buy from vendors

Buying from vendors is probably the easiest way to get Digipicks. There are two stores that sell Digipicks in New Atlantis, so if you ever need them right away, just head to the store and buy them.

Go to Jemison Mercantile

Jemison Mercantile store sells Digipicks in the New Atlantis Spaceport. Simply talk to the NPC and select the “Misc” items category.

How to Find Jemison Mercantile
  • Land in the New Atlantis Spaceport, then head straight.
  • Head to the stairs.
  • Enter the store in front you.

Go to Apex Electronics

There’s also an NPC that sells Digipicks in Apex Electronics, and if ever the previous shop runs out of credit, you can buy from this store.

How to Find Apex Electronics
  • Open the Map and fast travel to MAST District.
  • Turn around, then move forward until you see a left turn.
  • Turn left and get on the elevator.
  • Head straight, then go through the door with an EXIT sign.
  • Turn to your right, then head to Apex Electronics.

How to Use Digipicks

Used to pick locks

Digipicks are used to open locked rooms and safes.

However, if you fail to pick a lock, you will lose your Digipick, so it is recommended to carry multiple Digipicks if you are trying to open an inaccessible room or safe.

Some locks require special skills

Some locks cannot be opened by only using a Digipick. You may encounter some locked rooms or safes that require you to have the “Security” skill.

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