Starfield - Mantis Side Mission Walkthrough: Mantis Suit and Razorleaf Ship Guide

Walkthrough and guide for the Mantis Side Mission of Starfield, including details on how to get the legendary Mantis Spacesuit and the Razorleaf Ship in the game.

Starfield - Mantis Side Mission Walkthrough: How to get the Mantis Spacesuit and the Razorleaf Ship

Mantis Side Mission: How to get the Mantis Spacesuit and the Razorleaf Ship in Starfield

Side Mission Overview

Quest Type Miscellaneous
Quest Giver Fallen Random Spacer
Location Denebola I-b
Clear Rewards
  • Razorleaf Legendary Ship
  • Mantis Legendary Spacesuit Set
  • 2000 Credits
  • 200 XP

Side Mission Strategy Summary

Mantis Side Quest Cheats and Strategies
  • Acquire the Secret Outpost! data slate.
  • Proceed to the Denebola I-b secret outpost.
  • Explore the Mantis Nest.
  • Speak to Livvey.
  • Solve the Turret Room Puzzle
  • Get the Mantis Spacesuit.
  • Head to the Mantis ship.
  • Enter the Mantis Spaceship.

Mantis Side Quest Walkthrough and Guide

Unlock the Secret Outpost! data slate access.

When you are at the Nova Galactic Staryard during the Old Neighborhood main quest, look for fallen spacers and inspect their belongings in order to collect the Secret Outpost! data slate. The data slate access can be acquired from a random fallen spacer.

Once you acquired the data slate, read the text log. Then, access your mission tabs to activate the Mantis side quest.

Proceed to the Denebola I-b secret outpost.

Make your way to Denebola I-b and land at the secret outpost. Pass through different star systems before arriving to the target location.

Explore the Mantis Nest

When you get to the hidden outpost, take out the enemy spacers outside. Enter the base and eliminate more opponents. Enemies range in level from 8 to 30, so take cover when necessary. Obtain audio records from the loot to learn more about Mantis. Then, defeat a stronger enemy named Spacer Vulture to unlock Livvey.

Speak to Livvey

Encounter a survivor named Livvey. Livvey will offer to assist, and if you agree, he will reveal that the next hallway has a deadly riddle that has confounded those who have attempted to solve it.

Solve the Turret Room Puzzle

A chamber with an auto turret is beyond the location Livy. You will be fired by the turret automatically if you do not step on the proper floor.

In order to advance, make use of the repeated phrase “Sic semper TYRANNIS.” from an audio log as your guide when crossing the floors.

You must walk over the letters to spell TYRANNIS in order to solve the Mantis floor problem since it has eight rows of letters.

Letter Spray-painted floor
T 3rd letter from the west.
Y 1st letter from the west.
R 5th letter from the west.
A 6th letter from the west.
N 4th letter from the west.
N 7th letter from the west.
I 2nd letter from the west.
S 3rd letter from the west.

Get the Mantis Spacesuit

After clearing the puzzle, walk through a narrow corridor to destroy the turret, Turret MK III, and enter the door. Defeat two Robot Model A enemies using two grenades.

Reach the Lair of the Mantis and activate your scanner to acquire the loot in the area. Then, exit the control room and go left twice to find a storage room. See a mannequin wearing the Mantis Spacesuit inside a display. Open the display and collect the gear. Don’t forget to save your game.

Head to the Mantis ship

Return to the lair’s center and proceed to the ship. You will activate the Mantis Ship’s lift controls nearby and hoist it to the surface. Return outside to board your new spacecraft.

Enter the Mantis Spaceship

After operating the lift controls, retrace your steps outdoors or utilize the elevator inside the control room as a shortcut. Step into the ship and you’ll be the new owner of the legendary Razorleaf spacecraft.

Save again your game and ride the ship. You can also speak to the Ship Service Technician to register and upgrade it.

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