Starfield - How to Sell Items

How to sell items guide for Starfield, including how to sell your item to merchants and vendors, how to find the Trade Authority, and other useful information.

Starfield - How to Sell Items

How to Sell Items Guide for Starfield

How to Sell Items

Sell your items to merchants

Most items can be sold to the general merchant, Jamison Mercantile, in New Atlantis Spaceport. Contrabands, on the other hand, can only be sold at the Trade Authority, which can be found in almost every settlement.

Starfield Contraband Item Guide: How to Sell Contraband and Smuggle Items

Board next to a worker

It is not necessary to head straight to the Trade Authority if you want to sell your items. All you have to do is get off your ship at New Atlantis and access the Trade Authority kiosk standing next to the worker.

However, some items cannot be sold in these kiosks and can only be sold by speaking to a Trade Authority representative.

Visit the Trade Authority

Zoe, the Trade Authority representative in New Atlantis can be found in Wells. Follow the steps below to find the Trade Authority in New Atlantis.

1 Press M to open the Map and head to the MAST District.
2 Turn around and proceed until you see a left turn.
3 Turn left and get on the elevator.
4 Head straight and go through the door with an EXIT sign.
5 Turn right and proceed to the area labeled TRADE AUTHORITY.
6 Open the door and talk to the representative.

Speak to the Trade Authority Representative

After speaking to the representative or trader, press the Q button to open your inventory and choose the item you want to sell.
If you want to sell some items from your ship’s cargo, press the Q button again to open the cargo menu.

Check the vendor’s credit limit

You can sell items to vendors as long as they have enough credits, so make sure to check their credits before selling some of your items.

The vendor’s credit can be seen at the top-right corner of the screen.

If the vendor’s credit runs out, it will be replenished after a certain amount of time.

Vendor’s Credit replenishes after 24 hours

Selling items to vendors decreases their credit, and eventually they will run out of credit and will no longer be able to buy items from you.

A vendor’s credit will automatically replenish after 24 hours, so you can either “wait” or “sleep” to spend some time.

If somehow the credit does not replenish after 24 hours, simply sleep for another 24 hours.

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