Starfield - How to Change Your Appearance

How to change your appearance guide for Starfield, including how to change character appearance in enhance clinic, how to find enhance clinics, and other useful information.

Starfield - How to Change Appearance

How to Change Your Appearance Guide for Starfield

How to Change Appearance

Go to Enhance Clinics

Enhance Clinics are genetic labs that allow you to change the appearance of your character for 500 credits. These genetic labs can be found in almost every major settlement. For 500 credits, you can gain access to a full character modification, although you’ll have to search for the Enhance Clinics, which are hidden in the settlements.

Enhance Clinics Locations

Location How to Find
Neon Volii – Near the Neon Core entrance and the Spaceport elevator.
New Atlantis Alpha Centauri – Near the Commercial District fast travel point, around the Terrabrew Coffee shop.
Cydonia Sol – Climb the stairs behind the bar, then turn left.
Akila City Cheyenne – Head to the barracks entrance near the main gate and climb up the stairs.
Paradiso Poriima – Look for the blue building on the path to Paradiso Resort.

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