Starfield - Ship Robbery Guide: How to Steal from Enemy Ships

Overview and guide on ship robbery and stealing in Starfield, including strategies on how to take down and steal from enemy ships in the game.

Starfield - Ship Robbery Guide: How to Steal from Enemy Ships

How to Rob Enemy Ships in Starfield

Below is an overview and guide about Ship robbery in Starfield. This includes information on how steal from enemy ships while in space and on the ground.

Stealing from space

Damage the engine of enemy ships

In this game, you may target the opponent’s ship with your spaceship during a space battle.

To begin, reduce your opponent’s shield to 0. Use the aim mode to lock-on the enemy ships and damage their engines.

How to destroy an engine using Aim Mode

When you learn the skill Targeting Control Systems, you can use aim mode to lock an enemy spacecraft as a target. After you’ve locked the target, press [X] or [R]. During aim mode, the target enemy ship is zoomed in and displayed on the screen.

Look for the opposing ENG module. Then, target two to three enemy ship weapon modules. Keep in mind that while damaging the other ship, you must use low to medium armaments. The target ship will be destroyed otherwise.

Stealing from the ground

Rob from Colony and Pirate Ships

You may also plunder the ships docked on each star of colonists and pirates.

A settler is someone who lives alone in their base.

In the event of a pirate ship, you can take it by boarding it and defeating all of the crew on board.

In essence, any ship anchored on land that can be boarded may be taken away.

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