Starfield - Buying a Ship Module: Where to Find Ship Parts

Overview and guide on how to get ship modules or ship parts in Starfield, including where to buy them from specific shops in the game.

Starfield - Buying a Ship Module: Where to Find Ship Parts

Where to Buy Ship Modules and Parts in Starfield

Buy Ship Modules from shops

Ship module may be purchased in New Atlantis at the Jemison Mercantile and UC Distribution stores.

Ship parts are in the recovery category and cost about 1 credit each piece.

Jemison Mercantile Location

1 Head straight ahead when you land in New Atlantis.
2 Going up the stairs.
3 Look for the Jemison Mercantile shop nearby.

UC Distribution Location

1 Fast travel to the Commercial District of New Atlantis.
2 Go northeast.
3 Look for the UC Distribution Center shop nearby.

Destroy enemy ships

Another option is by destroying opposing ships. Lock on the enemy ship’s wreckage by pressing [E] to obtain credits, resources, and ship parts.

What should you do with Ship Modules?

Inspect the ship modules for damages

Press [O] to inspect each ship module. Especially if your are attempting to install them to your own ship.

Use extra Ship Modules for ship repairs

Unwanted ship modules can be used for ship repairs similar to healing. When used, ship parts restore 10% of your ship’s HP for 4 seconds.

Ship repair or recovery is slow so use it when your ship’s HP is roughly half.

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