Starfield - Console Commands List and Guide

Console Commands List and Guide for Starfield, including how to enter console commands (cheats), all console commands and their effects, and other useful information.

Starfield - Console Commands List and Guide

Console Commands List and Guide for Starfield

How to Enter Console Commands (Cheats)

Press “~” key on the keyboard to open the Console Command screen

To access the console, press the “~” key on your keyboard. As soon as you press the key, the command screen will appear. You can now enter console commands you wish to activate. Press the “~” again if you want to close the console.

Type and enter Console Commands

Some commands can make you invisible, change levels, and acquire credits. Check the Console Commands list below for more information about the commands.

Activating Console Commands disables achievements

Activating a Console Command will completely disable achievements, meaning you won’t unlock any achievements once you activate a command. Therefore, if you are aiming to complete an achievement, refrain from using the Console Commands.

To disable a Console Command you activated, enter the exact command at the console again.

Console Commands List

Command Effect
tgm Enables “God” mode.
player.setlevel 100 Allows you to change your level. Change the number at the end to your desired level.
player.additem 0000000F #100000000 Gives you credits depending on the number you entered. Change the number at the end to change the credits you want to receive.
player.additem 0000000A #100000000 Gives you Digipicks depending on the number you entered. Change the number at the end to change the Digipicks you want to receive.
tcai Changes the NPC combat AI, causing all NPCs to be docile or passive.
kah Kills all enemies in your vicinity.
tfc Allows you to access free camera.
tcl Enables No Clip mode
tm Toggles UI
tdetect Makes your stealth undetected

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