Starfield - How to Change Difficulty Level

How to Change Difficulty Level guide for Starfield, including details on each types of difficulty levels, where to change on settings, other useful tips and game settings.

Starfield - How to Change Difficulty Level Guide

How to Change Difficulty Level in Starfield

Difficulty can be changed in the Settings Menu

Players can change the game difficulty level anytime by pausing the game and going into the Settings, then Gameplay and select on Difficulty. There are five (5) types of difficulty levels you can choose from which ranges from Very Easy up to Very Hard.

Starfield Game Controls

All Difficulty Levels

  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard

Difference depending on difficulty level

All Difficulty levels affect damage and the chance to encounter Legendary enemies. The higher the level you choose, the more difficult the gameplay is and enemies you take on has a higher attack power.

As you start the game, it will be on Normal level by default and you can change it to a higher lever if you want to aim on defeating Legendary enemies or you can lower it down if you are having a trouble with the enemies.

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