HoloCure (Version 0.6) - Walkthrough and Guide

HoloCure (Version 0.6) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Page containing stage walkthroughs, normal, mini-boss, and main boss enemy guides, character guides and builds, weapon and items guides, strategy guides, tips and tricks, game databases, cheats, tips and tricks, news and updates, and more. HoloCure is a single-player, action and roguelike shoot ’em-up game developed and published by Kay Yu (via itch.io). HoloCure (2023) was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC (Microsoft Windows) while still under development.

News and Updates

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Latest News and Updates

▼All HoloCure  News and Updates

Tier List and Rankings

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Tier Lists and Rankings

All HoloCure Tier Lists and Rankings
Best Character Tier List Best Starter Character Tier List
Best Basic Weapon Tier List Best Collab Weapon Tier List
Best Stamp Tier List Best Item Tier List

Stage Walkthroughs

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Normal Stage Walkthroughs

All HoloCure Normal Stage Walkthroughs
Stage 1: Grassy Plains Stage 2: Holo Office
Stage 3: Halloween Castle

Hard Stage Walkthroughs

All HoloCure Hard Stage Walkthroughs
Stage 1: Grassy Plains (Night) Stage 2: Holo Office (Evening)

Time Stage Walkthrough

All HoloCure Time Stage Walkthroughs
Stage 1: Concert Stage

HoloCure Stage List and Walkthroughs


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Main Boss Enemies

▼All HoloCure Main Boss Enemies
Fubuzilla Smol Ame
Mikodanye A-Chan
Shubangelion Spiderchama
Halloween Bae Harusaki Nodoka

All Stage Enemies

▼All HoloCure Stage Enemies
Stage 1: Grassy Plains Enemies Stage 2: Holo Office Enemies
Stage 3: Halloween Castle Enemies Stage 1: Grassy Plains (Night) Enemies
 Stage 2: Holo Office (Evening) Enemies Time Stage 1: Concert Stage Enemies

HoloCure Enemy List and Guides


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All HoloEN Myth Characters

All HoloCure Hololive English Myth Characters
HoloCure - Watson Amelia Character IconWatson Amelia HoloCure - Gawr Gura Character IconGawr Gura
HoloCure - Ninomae Ina'nis Character IconNinomae Ina’nis HoloCure - Takanashi Kiara Character IconTakanashi Kiara
HoloCure - Calliope Mori Character IconCalliope Mori

All HoloEN Council Characters

All HoloCure Hololive English Council Characters
HoloCure - Hakos Baelz Character IconHakos Baelz HoloCure - Ouro Kronii Character IconOuro Kronii
HoloCure - Ceres Fauna Character IconCeres Fauna HoloCure - Nanashi Mumei Character IconNanashi Mumei
HoloCure - Tsukumo Sana Character IconTsukumo Sana

All HoloEN Project HOPE Characters

All HoloCure Hololive English Project: HOPE Characters
HoloCure - IRyS Character IconIRyS

All HoloJP Gen 0 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Japan Gen 0 Characters
HoloCure - Tokino Sora Character IconTokino Sora HoloCure - AZki Character IconAZki
HoloCure - Roboco-san Character IconRoboco-san HoloCure - Hoshimachi Suisei Character IconHoshimachi Suisei
HoloCure - Sakura Miko Character IconSakura Miko

All HoloJP GAMERS Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Japan GAMERS Characters
HoloCure - Shirakami Fubuki Character IconShirakami Fubuki HoloCure - Ookami Mio Character IconOokami Mio
HoloCure - Nekomata Okayu Character IconNekomata Okayu HoloCure - Inugami Korone Character IconInugami Korone

All HoloJP Gen 1 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Japan Gen 1 Characters
HoloCure - Akai Haato Character IconAkai Haato HoloCure - Yozora Mel Character IconYozora Mel
HoloCure - Natsuiro Matsuri Character IconNatsuiro Matsuri HoloCure - Aki Rosenthal Character IconAki Rosenthal

All HoloJP Gen 2 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Japan Gen 2 Characters
HoloCure - Oozara Subaru Character IconOozara Subaru HoloCure - Yuzuki Choco Character IconYuzuki Choco
HoloCure - Murasaki Shion Character IconMurasaki Shion HoloCure - Nakiri Ayame Character IconNakiri Ayame
HoloCure - Minato Aqua Character IconMinato Aqua

All HoloID Gen 1 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Indonesia Gen 1 Characters
HoloCure - Airani Iofifteen Character IconAirani Iofifteen HoloCure - Moona Hoshinova Character IconMoona Hoshinova
HoloCure - Ayunda Risu Character IconAyunda Risu

All HoloID Gen 2 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Indonesia Gen 2 Characters
HoloCure - Kureiji Ollie Character IconKureiji Ollie HoloCure - Pavolia Reine Character IconPavolia Reine
HoloCure - Anya Melfissa Character IconAnya Melfissa

All HoloID Gen 3 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Indonesia Gen 3 Characters
HoloCure - Kobo Kanaeru Character IconKobo Kanaeru HoloCure - Kaela Kovalskia Character IconKaela Kovalskia
HoloCure - Vestia Zeta Character IconVestia Zeta

HoloCure Character List and Guides

Weapon Guides

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Character Starter Weapon Guides

All HoloCure Character Starter Weapon Guides
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Pistol Shot IconPistol Shot HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Trident Thrust IconTrident Thrust
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Summon Tentacle IconSummon Tentacle HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Phoenix Sword IconPhoenix Sword
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Scythe Swing IconScythe Swing HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Play Dice IconPlay Dice
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Clock Hands IconClock Hands HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Nature Shield IconNature Shield
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Bird Feather IconBird Feather HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Orbit IconOrbit
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Nephilim Blast IconNephilim Blast HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Bright Star IconBright Star
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Diva Song IconDiva Song HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Hi-Spec Pistol IconHi-Spec Pistol
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Axe Swing IconAxe Swing HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Sakura Gohei IconSakura Gohei
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Fox Tail IconFox Tail HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Tarot Cards IconTarot Cards
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Onigiri IconOnigiri HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Orayo! IconOrayo!
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Red Heart IconRed Heart HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Kapu Kapu IconKapu Kapu
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Ebifrion IconEbifrion HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Aik IconAik
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Baseball Pitch IconBaseball Pitch HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Love Needle IconLove Needle
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Murasaki Bolt IconMurasaki Bolt HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Dual Katana IconDual Katana
HoloCure - Basic Starter Weapon Cleaning Broom IconCleaning Broom

HoloCure Starter Weapon List and Guides

Basic Weapon Guides

All HoloCure Basic Weapon Guides
EN’s Curse Bounce Ball
CEO’s Tears HoloCure - Basic Weapon Wamy Water IconWamy Water
Cutting Board HoloCure - Basic Weapon Fan Beam IconFan Beam
X-Potato Idol Song
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Spider Cooking IconSpider Cooking HoloCure - Basic Weapon Elite Lava Bucket IconElite Lava Bucket
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Holo Bomb IconHolo Bomb HoloCure - Basic Weapon Psycho Axe IconPsycho Axe
HoloCure - Basic Weapon BL Book IconBL Book HoloCure - Basic Weapon Plug Type Asacoco IconPlug Type Asacoco
HoloCure - Basic Weapon Glowstick IconGlowstick

HoloCure Basic Weapon List and Guides

Collab Weapon Guides

All HoloCure Collab Weapon Guides
HoloCure - Absolute Wall Collab Weapon IconAbsolute Wall HoloCure - BL Fujoshi Collab Weapon IconBL Fujoshi
HoloCure - Bone Bros. Collab Weapon IconBone Bros. HoloCure - Breathe-In Type Asacoco Collab Weapon IconBreathe-In Type Asacoco
HoloCure - Broken Dreams Collab Weapon IconBroken Dreams HoloCure - Dragon Fire Collab Weapon IconDragon Fire
HoloCure - Eldtrich Horror Collab Weapon IconEldritch Horror HoloCure - Elite Cooking Collab Weapon IconElite Cooking
HoloCure - Flattening Board Collab Weapon IconFlattening Board HoloCure - Frozen Sea Collab Weapon IconFrozen Sea
HoloCure - Idol Concert Collab Weapon IconIdol Concert HoloCure - I'm Die Thank You Forever Collab Weapon IconI’m Die, Thank You Forever
HoloCure - Light Beam Collab Weapon IconLight Beam HoloCure - MiComet Collab Weapon IconMiComet
HoloCure - MiKrone Collab Weapon IconMiKorone HoloCure - Rap Dog Collab Weapon IconRap Dog
HoloCure - Ring of Fitness Collab Weapon IconRing Of Fitness HoloCure - Snow Flower Sake Collab Weapon IconSnow Flower Sake
HoloCure - Stream of Tears Collab Weapon IconStream Of Tears

HoloCure Collab Weapon List and Guides

Item Guides

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Basic Item Guides

All HoloCure Basic Item Guides
HoloCure - Basic Item Sake IconSake HoloCure - Basic Item Body Pillow IconBody Pillow
HoloCure - Basic Item Limiter IconLimiter HoloCure - Basic Item Credit Card IconCredit Card
HoloCure - Basic Item Injection Type Asacoco IconInjection Type Asacoco HoloCure - Basic Item Knightly Milk IconKnightly Milk
HoloCure - Basic Item Halu IconHalu HoloCure - Basic Item Face Mask IconFace Mask
HoloCure - Basic Item Nurse’s Horn IconNurse’s Horn HoloCure - Basic Item Plushie IconPlushie
HoloCure - Basic Item Full Meal IconFull Meal HoloCure - Basic Item Piki Piki Piman IconPiki Piki Piman
HoloCure - Basic Item Membership IconMembership HoloCure - Basic Item Headphones IconHeadphones
HoloCure - Basic Item Gorilla’s Paw IconGorilla’s Paw HoloCure - Basic Item Chicken's Feather IconChicken’s Feather
HoloCure - Basic Item Uber Sheep IconUber Sheep HoloCure - Basic Item Energy Drink IconEnergy Drink
HoloCure - Basic Item Idol Costume IconIdol Costume HoloCure - Basic Item Stolen Piggy Bank IconStolen Piggy Bank
HoloCure - Basic Item Just Bandage IconJust Bandage HoloCure - Basic Item Study Glasses IconStudy Glasses
HoloCure - Basic Item GWS Pill IconGWS Pill HoloCure - Basic Item Breastplate IconBreastplate
HoloCure - Basic Item Super Chatto Time! IconSuper Chatto Time! HoloCure - Basic Item Kusogaki Shackles IconKusogaki Shackles
HoloCure - Basic Item Blacksmith’s Gear IconBlacksmith’s Gear Devil Hat
HoloCure - Basic Item Hope Soda IconHope Soda

HoloCure Basic Item List and Guides

Stamp Item Guides

All HoloCure Stamp Item Guides
HoloCure - Stamp Item Attack Up IconAttack Up HoloCure - Stamp Item Size Up IconSize Up
HoloCure - Stamp Item Haste Up IconHaste Up HoloCure - Stamp Item Critical Up IconCrit Up
HoloCure - Stamp Item Projectile Up IconProjectile Up HoloCure - Stamp Item Solo IconSolo
HoloCure - Stamp Item Bomb IconBomb HoloCure - Stamp Item Knockback IconKnockback
HoloCure - Stamp Item Weaken IconWeaken HoloCure - Stamp Item Stun IconStun
HoloCure - Stamp Item Slow IconSlow HoloCure - Stamp Item Life Steal IconLife Steal
HoloCure - Stamp Item Greed IconGreed HoloCure - Stamp Item Trumpet IconTrumpet
HoloCure - Stamp Item RGB IconRGB HoloCure - Stamp Item Reverse IconReverse

HoloCure Stamp Item List and Guides

Strategy Guides

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Getting Started

All HoloCure Beginner Guides
Game Controls Beginner’s Guide: What to Do First
Common Mistakes and Misconceptions Useful Tips and Hidden Mechanics
Basic Weapon Story Origins and Background Starter Weapon Story Origins and Background
Collab Weapon Story Origins and Background Item Story Origins and Background
Stamp Origins and Background Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Useful Guides

All HoloCure Useful Guides
Version Update and Changelog Information Starter Weapon Damage Values
HoloCoin Farming Guide Collab Weapon Guide
Stage List and Walkthroughs Character List and Guides
Enemy List and Guides How to Make Immortal Ina’nis Build
How to Get High Scores in Endless Mode How to Clear Time Mode Fast
How to Clear Hardcore Endless Mode Question Board

HoloCure Strategy Guides and Useful Tips

Game Database

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All HoloCure Character-related Database
Achievement List Fandom List
VoD Stream List


All HoloCure Weapon-related Database
Character Starter Weapon List Basic Weapon List
Collab Weapon List Super Collab Weapon List


All HoloCure Item-related Database
Basic Item List Stamp List
Enchantment List Holo House Item List
Cooking Recipe List Fishing Item List
Farm Item List


All HoloCure Shop-related Database
Character Gacha List Upgrade List

HoloCure Game Database Guides

Game Information

Title HoloCure / ホロキュア
Genre Single-player / Action / Roguelike / Shoot ’em up
Platform and System PC (via Microsoft Windows and Steam)
Developer Kay Yu
Publisher Kay Yu (via itch.io)
Release date June 24, 2022 (Worldwide)
Official Website https://kay-yu.itch.io/holocure