HoloCure - HoloCoin Farming Guide

HoloCoin farming guide for HoloCure (Version 0.5), including the best way to get coins fast, the most efficient method to earn coins, recommended characters, upgrade skills, and items for farming, and other useful tips for beginners. HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure (Version 0.6) - HoloCoin Farming Guide

How to Farm HoloCoins Fast in HoloCure (Version 0.5)

Efficient Way to Collect HoloCoins

Farming HoloCoins in HoloCure entails picking the right stage modes, acquiring certain upgrades, items, stamps, and choosing the right character to play.

Mode Selection

HoloCure Stage List and Walkthroughs

Stage Mode – Short time, for low-spec PCs

It is easy to collect HoloCoins in a short time in this mode because the game difficulty is low. There are also bonuses rewarded after clearing. With the right selection of upgrades and items, you will also be able to earn around 30000 to 60000 coins per stage.

Endless Mode – Long time, for high-spec PCs (Version 0.4 or earlier only)

It is possible to earn more HoloCoins in Endless Mode than in Stage Mode by using the Immortal Ninomae Ina’nis build method. Once you have completed the setup, you will be able to earn coins while leaving your PC by itself just from leveling up (hourly returns of 35,000 to 40,000 HoloCoins).

Be aware that, depending on your character’s state, you may not get a Game Over which will prevent you from claiming the HoloCoin rewards. If you also have a low-spec PC, the game will run slower and the hourly return rate will be lower than in Stage Mode. The game itself may also crash.

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Recommended Upgrades

Coin Up
Every time you level up,
you get 20% more HoloCoins.

HoloCure Upgrade List and Guides

Recommended Items

Super Chatto Time!
HoloCoins dropped by enemies increased by 10% (up to Lv. 5: 50%)
Automatic coin collection added in Version 0.5.
Stolen Piggy Bank
Gain 1 HoloCoin per second and increase SPD by 15%. Reduces the pickup area is by 50%.
From Version 0.5 onwards, the HoloCoins earned have changed according to the distance traveled
Increases fan spawn rate and fan strength. Earn HoloCoins for each kill after picking up this item (maximum of 5 levels).

HoloCure Item List and Guides

Recommended Stamps

Greed Stamp
Attacked enemies will drop HoloCoins with a probability of 10% to 20%.
Bomb Stamp
The attacked opponent has a 10% to 30% chance to explode. This explosion works with the effect of the Greed Stamp so you can get a lot of HoloCoins if you use them together.

HoloCure Stamp List and Guides

Recommended Characters for Stage Mode


HoloCure - IRyS Character Icon

When IRyS’ weapon Nephilim Blast is enhanced to its final stage, its hit rate becomes tremendous. This gives the weapon the highest compatibility with the Greed Stamp. Since you want to attack with character weapons as much as possible, it is recommended to purchase a weapon limit with an upgrade.

Coin farming efficiency varies greatly depending on your luck of getting the Greed Stamp to drop, but you can earn around 50,000 to 150,000 HoloCoins per 1 round on Hard Stage.

HoloCure IRyS Character Guide

Below is information that applies to Version 0.5.

Tsukumo Sana

HoloCure - Tsukumo Sana Character Icon

Tsukumo Sana’s weapon Orbit is powerful and strong enough without any skill.

In Version 0.4, an EXP collection effect was added to Sana’s Special (Become Beeg) which makes it possible to save the trouble of moving to collect EXP. The usefulness of the Special’s invincibility effect also went up, owing to the increase in rushes that are difficult to avoid at a high difficulty level.

HoloCure Tsukumo Sana Character Guide


HoloCure - Roboco-san Character Icon

Added in Version 4.0.

It is difficult to use Roboco-san in the early stages because her unique weapon attacks in only one direction. Despite this, the weapon’s strong firepower which can be achieved through the skills Hi-Level and Robo-Discharge is attractive.

It is also easier to raise Roboco-san’s level compared to other characters by using her Battery Charged skill. This will allow you to collect more coins if you get used to it.

HoloCure Roboco-san Character Guide

Ceres Fauna

HoloCure - Ceres Fauna Character Icon

Ceres is powerful because her starting weapon has a wide range and a tracking effect is added after awakening it. She also has damage negation from the unique Whisperer skill, high resilience using her Sapling skill, an invincibility effect from her Mother Nature Special, and an overall strong stability.

With the addition of high-difficulty stages in Version 0.4, the strengthened enemies from using Halu have emphasized defense. Saplings are also automatically collected through the update which further improves Ceres’ stability.

HoloCure Ceres Fauna Character Guide

Recommended Characters for Endless Mode


HoloCure - IRyS Character Icon
Just like in Stage Mode, you can basically aim for more HoloCoin drops by continuing after clearing the final boss. However, due to weapon restrictions, IRyS lacks some firepower and it might be difficult to survive for a long time.

HoloCure IRyS Character Guide

Below is information that applies to the game before Version 0.5.

Ninomae Ina’nis

HoloCure - Ninomae Ina'nis Character Icon


Equip Super Chatto Time! in the item frame when using Ina’nis. Even if you use the item or not, you can earn HoloCoins efficiently because you can endure battles indefinitely.

HoloCure Ninomae Ina’nis Character Guide

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