HoloCure - Useful Tips and Hidden Mechanics

Useful tips and hidden mechanics guide for HoloCure, including some hidden, commonly misunderstood, or vague mechanics, some useful tips and tricks that can be applied in the game, and gameplay differences from Vampire Survivor. HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Steam and Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure (Version 0.6) - Useful Tips and Hidden Mechanics

Useful Tips and Hidden Mechanics Guide for HoloCure


Certain gameplay elements in HoloCure such as Collab Weapons system (weapon evolution), game length, and various other mechanics are different from Vampire Survivor (a game that HoloCure is frequently compared to).

This article will describe some of these differences, some hidden, commonly misunderstood, or vague mechanics, and some useful tips and tricks that can be applied in the game.

Please note that this page is undergoing updates.

Negative Critical Hit Rate

Critical hit rate and damage multipliers are determined by different numerical values. Because of this, a reverse critical will never happen even if your critical hit rate becomes a negative value.

With this premise, there will not be any disadvantages of critical hit rate being reduced by using the Gorilla’s Paw, particularly during the early stages when you have not completed upgrades at the shop. Certain characters who have low critical hit rate or have no characterstics related to the critical rate mechanic can also freely use the Gorilla’s Paw without any problems.

Lastly, the initial value of the critical damage multiplier is +50% (1.5 times).

Anvil Enchantments

When collaborating weapons, if both weapons before collaboration are enchanted, the resulting collab weapon will have two enchantments.

If you intend to enchant a collab weapon normally, the process will be the same as enchanting any regular weapon which prevents you from adding a second enchantment.

Attempting to enchant a collab weapon that already has 2 enchantments will not cause the enchantment to be reduced. Instead, the two enchantments on that weapon will be rerolled.

How to Unlock the Bounce Ball Weapon

You can get the Bounce Ball by surviving as a Flat character and having the Cutting Board equipped for 10 minutes.

Conditions to Activate Breastplate and Piki Piki Piman Effects


Item Name Levels Effects
Breastplate 1 to 3 Reduces incoming damage by 10%/15%/20% and SPD by 20%. When attacked, has a 50%/60%/70% chance of dealing 200%/250%/300% damage to attacker.

The Breastplate grants special attack, skill, item, and shield effect invincibility. The Breastplate’s effect will trigger even if you do not take any damage (since you only need to be attacked to trigger it). Because of this, characters with unique special attacks that grant invincibility can the Breastplate as a sort of safe ramming attack by triggering its effect.

Piki Piki Piman

Item Name Levels Effects
Piki Piki Piman 1 to 3 Increases max HP by 15/20/25. Increases special gauge by 2%/3%/4% after taking damage  Has a cooldown of 0.2 seconds.

Piki Piki Piman’s effect, on the other hand, are only activated are after taking damage. This means that you will not trigger its effects if you have an invincibility or shield effect up.

Because of this, Headphones and the Body Pillow have no synergy with the Piki Piki Piman.

Other Useful Tips and Mechanics

  • The stamp management screen can be accessed at any time from the pause screen. It will not be sold automatically when cleared, so remember it for selling before clearing (as of 0.5)
  • If you do not want to use stamps after picking them up on the spot, you can just drop them.
  • Weapon attributes can be viewed by looking at the icon to the right of weapon (in the upper right corner). Always check weapon stats when deciding which skills and items to get.
  • Gold and silver YAGOO will not damage you if you just touch them.
  • The anvil’s number of uses will not be reduced if you just touch them. You can leave the anvil without expending its uses by canceling out of the action.
  • Halu’s count starts at the time you obtain it, but the Holo Coin multiplier only refers to the one applied at the end of the stage. This means that you can easily earn Holo Coins by increasing it near the end of the run.
  • The effects of upgrading the Blacksmith’s Gear are applied retroactively.
  • Critical damage is 1.5 times the standard value.
  • In addition to a keyboard and controller, you can also play the game with a keyboard and mouse
  • Different costumes can be viewed and unlocked at the top and bottom of the character exchange screen.

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