HoloCure - How to Get High Scores in Endless Mode

A guide on how to get high scores in Endless Mode for HoloCure (Version 0.5), including the best ways to earn a lot of points, recommended characters to use, strategy for clearing Hardcore Endless Mode, recommended items, and other useful tips. HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure (Version 0.6) - How to Get High Scores in Endless Mode

How to Get High Scores in Endless Mode Guide for HoloCure

You can record your score in HoloCure‘s Endless Mode (as of 6/27, the ranking cannot be registered or displayed due to an issue with the game). Since there are no rewards for getting a high score in Endless Mode, you can simply replay it as you please.

Survive as long as possible.

The longer it takes for you to get a Game Over, the higher the score.

Strengthen characters.

In this game, characters are strengthened using HoloCoins so it is recommended to constantly farm the collectible whenever you can. Each character benefits from different stats. If you need to, use the refund feature to upgrade each character accordingly.

Increased health regeneration, movement speed, and EXP will be a lot easier to achieve if you save Holo Coins and use them efficiently.

Make Collab Weapons.

Collab Weapons are essential for Endless Mode as the firepower of normal weapons becomes insufficient when battles are infinite. Up to four (4) Collab Weapons can be made at a time. Be sure to learn the weapons needed to make each Collab Weapon and collect them during the early and middle stages of your playthrough.

Golden Anvils will also not appear unless the Collab weapon fusion conditions are met (both weapons must be at max level), so weapon level must be prioritized from the start.

HoloCure Collab Weapons List

Pick up items mindfully.

You can minimize the space taken up by weapon by collaborating them. There is, however, no way to fuse items which can be used onward until the end of the run. If you play with the mindset of grabbing anything without a care, you may not have enough item space to get the items you need later so plan out which items you want to pick up at the start of the mode.

Also, since the benefits of leveling up items end there, you want to prioritize leveling up weapons in the long run.

HoloCure Items List

Dealing with large numbers of enemy spawns.

In general, beginners should avoid dealing with large groups of enemies spawning. When you are good enough, however, these situations may be good opportunities to get a lot of EXP quickly if you constantly use Special skills to deal with enemies.

In most cases, enemies in large numbers cannot all be cleared with normal weapons so make sure to make a Collab Weapons before they appear.

HoloCure Enemies List

Play on Hardcore.

You can increase your score by playing on Hardcore which causes you to have a maximum of 1 HP. This can be enabled from the shop.

Tips to Survive Longer in Hardcore

Pick up a Body Pillow

By using the Body Pillow that absorbs damage, you will be able to endure more hits up to the range that the item can handle. Be warned that when the damage value exceeds the Body Pillow’s limit by even 1, you may die so be careful.

Pick up Headphones.

Has a chance to nullifying damage. Since the effect is based on luck, avoid relying on the item too much.

Take out enemies before they get a chance to attack you.

Offense is the best defense.

Recommended Characters for Hardcore Endless Mode

Ceres Fauna

HoloCure - Ceres Fauna Character Icon

Whisper can nullify the damage when the skill is charged for a certain period of time. This makes Fauna a character that can easily survive in Hardcore without taking too much damage.

Healing is generally useless in Hardcore. Instead, aim to use skills like Sapling and Guardian Tree to increases firepower by triggering their recovery effects.

Fauna’s Special skill Mother Nature which grants a period of invulnerability is also useful as an option for emergency attack avoidance.

HoloCure Ceres Fauna Character Guide

Ninomae Ina’nis

HoloCure - Ninomae Ina'nis Character Icon

Disarming enemies using Ina’nis’ The Ancient One skill is quite useful for Hardcore Endless Mode.

You can also use her Special skill Taco Spin which is excellent for emergency evasion when surrounded.

HoloCure Ceres Ninomae Ina’nis Character Guide

Hakos Baelz

HoloCure - Hakos Baelz Character Icon

Baelz does not have any skills for survivability but boasts tremendous firepower, allowing him to achieve maximum defense through maximum offense.

In the end, Baelz strong attack performance is reliable for Hardcore Endless Mode as you are often overwhelmed by enemies due to a lack in firepower.

HoloCure Ceres Hakos Baelz Character Guide

Recommended Items for Hardcore Endless Mode

Recommended Item Reason
Sake If you continue avoiding damage, your critical rate will increase. Since it is essentially mandatory to do a no-damage run, the item’s effects will always be up.
Body Pillow You will be able to endure damage within the item’s absorption limit which will be decided as though you had not received damage.
Injection Type Asacoco There are no reductions applied since you only have 1 HP in Hardcore. This means that firepower is increased without any risk.
Face Mask Since you will die just by taking even 1 damage, you can increase your Firepower with this item with virtually no risk.
Headphones Has a chance to nullify damage. The probability of triggering the effect is not high so the priority of getting this item is low.
Energy Drink Increases your speed without any risk because you only have 1 HP.

Non-Recommended Items for Hardcore Endless Mode

Non-Recommended Item Reason
Plushie Receiving damage is required to trigger its effect and you will be dead before it does.
Nurse’s Horn Since there is no HP to recover above 1, it has no use (outside of triggering Fauna’s Guardian Tree effect).
Full Meal The HP recovery amount is completely useless. It also does not work with Fauna’s Guardian Tree skill.
Piki Piki Piman Receiving damage is required to trigger the effect. While you can try to make it work using the Body Pillow within the absorbable damage limit, it is still difficult given the short effect.
Uber Sheep Since there is no HP to recover above 1, it has no use (outside of triggering Fauna’s Guardian Tree effect).

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