HoloCure - Collab Weapon Origins and Background

Information about Collab Weapon Origins and Background in HoloCure (Version 0.6), including collab weapon story, characters involved in the story and character collabs. HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Steam and Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure (Version 0.6) - Collab Weapon Origins and Background

Collab Weapon Origins and Background for HoloCure (Version 0.6)

HoloCure features various weapons that were mostly based on the characters’ stories, character collabs and their props, making it interesting how these collab weapons came to be. Below is a list of the collab weapons, collab components and their origins.

Collab Weapon Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock
Full Collab Get 4 Collab Weapons in 1 game.

HoloCure Achievement List

Collab Weapon Origins

Weapon Name Components Origins
HoloCure - Ring of Fitness Collab Weapon IconRing Of Fitness The weapon is a reference to “Ring Fit Adventure”, a RPG game where players use a ring-shaped device to perform physical exercises.
The description that “Hope nobody walks in” is in reference to the sounds VTubers make from physical exhaustion.
HoloCure - Snow Flower Sake Collab Weapon IconSnow Flower Sake This collab weapon is based on Yukihana Lamy’s award-winning sake, Yuki-Yo-Zuki.
HoloCure - Bone Bros. Collab Weapon IconBone Bros. This collab weapon is based on Calliope Mori and Gawr Gura‘s collaboration Music Video “Q” which was animated by Kay.
HoloCure - Absolute Wall Collab Weapon IconAbsolute Wall Just like the Cutting Board, this collab weapon is a reference to the flat-chested characters of Hololive, and those characters are named “Hololive Cliff Five”.
HoloCure - Eldtrich Horror Collab Weapon IconEldritch Horror This collab weapon might be a reference to Akai Haato as she embraces her nickname Haachama. She was forced to focus on video contents rather than livestreaming because of Covid restrictions and slow internet speed. During this time, Haato made videos about cooking including Spider Cooking.
HoloCure - MiKrone Collab Weapon IconMiKorone The potato weapon is based on Sakura Miko and Inugami Korone‘s collab stream marathon that lasted for 48 hours to celebrate New Year’s Day 2022.
HoloCure - I'm Die Thank You Forever Collab Weapon IconI’m Die, Thank You Forever A reference to Calliope Mori and Inugami Korone where they were playing a bomb defusion game called “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”. Korone realized that she has no chance to win and she said the phrase “I’m Die, Thank You Forever”.
HoloCure - Breathe-In Type Asacoco Collab Weapon IconBreathe-In Type Asacoco A product introduced in one of Kiryu Coco’s commercial ads, composed of a gas cylinder and inhalation mask.
HoloCure - Dragon Fire Collab Weapon IconDragon Fire A collab weapon related to Kiryu Coco’s graduation. Due to Coco’s achievements, her fans considered her as Legendary.
The term “OG” was used to describe new graduates like Coco but was later changed to “Alumni”.
HoloCure - Elite Cooking Collab Weapon IconElite Cooking A collab weapon of Sakura Miko that tested her cooking skills.
HoloCure - Idol Concert Collab Weapon IconIdol Concert This collab weapon is related to Hololive’s successful large-scale event in Toyosu and Makuhari.
HoloCure - BL Fujoshi Collab Weapon IconBL Fujoshi This collab weapon is a reference to Suisei and Anemachi, also known as the Hoshimachi sisters, who both love the BL (Boy’s Love) Books.
HoloCure - MiComet Collab Weapon IconMiComet A collaboration between Sakura Miko and Hoshimachi Suisei was made due to their lack of interaction. They used to label their relationship as business partners. Miko and Suisei’s relationship improved afterward.
HoloCure - Flattening Board Collab Weapon IconFlattening Board Came from the origins of the item Cutting Board. The weapon description stated “Feel the wrath of the cutting boards” which refers to the flat-chested characters.
HoloCure - Light Beam Collab Weapon IconLight Beam This collab weapon refers to the fans’ reaction when the “Fansa” was performed. Tsunomaki Watame used to joke around by shooting light beams in various places and was scolded for doing it.
HoloCure - Rap Dog Collab Weapon IconRap Dog This collab weapon is related to Inugami Korone‘s talent in rapping which was shown during a karaoke collab. She sang “if…” by DA PUMP and later expressed a desire to collab with Calliope.
HoloCure - Broken Dreams Collab Weapon IconBroken Dreams This collab weapon is a reference to YAGOO’s dreams of building an Idol Agency. The item description states “There are no more idols, only comedians.” which refers to his disappointment with the idols’ actions.
HoloCure - Stream of Tears Collab Weapon IconStream Of Tears Similar to Broken Dreams, this collab weapon refers to YAGOO’s Dreams.
HoloCure - Frozen Sea Collab Weapon IconFrozen Sea May be a reference about Lamy’s backstory as an ice elf from the Second Hololive Alternative trailer.
HoloCure - Curse Ball Collab Weapon IconCurse Ball To be confirmed.
HoloCure - Crescent Bardiche Collab Weapon IconCrescent Bardiche The Crescent Bardiche is a reference to Hoshimachi Suisei‘s bardiche, which was introduced together with her maid outfit.
HoloCure - Lightning Wiener Collab Weapon IconLightning Wiener The Lightning Wiener refers to a weapon in a mobile game called Sausage Legend.
HoloCure - Legendary Sausage Collab Weapon IconLegendary Sausage The Legendary Sausage is based on the game “Sausage Legend”, which Oozora Subaru loves to play.

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