HoloCure - Stage 2: Holo Office Walkthrough and Guide

Stage 2: Holo Office walkthrough and guide for HoloCure (Version 0.5), including all mobs (regular enemies) and unique bosses that appear, appearance time, and countermeasures (how to defeat them). HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure - Stage 2: Holo Office Walkthrough and Guide

Stage 2: Holo Office Walkthrough and Guide for HoloCure

Enemies in Stage 2

Fans whose love has been distorted by an evil organization appear in this stage as enemies. The Vtubers must bring their fans back to sanity.

Enemies that appear in the Holo Office are mostly Holomen fans. Bosses encountered, however, are varied and unexpected. Information on some mobs (regular enemies) and unique bosses are still being researched which includes time of appearance and countermeasures.

Mobs (Regular Enemies)

Enemy Appearance Time and Countermeasures
Sukonbu Approaches from the very beginning. As long as you do not let obstacles get in the your way, you will not have any trouble.
Kurosukonbu Appears at the bottom after 6 minutes.
Fubu-chun Appears around 6 minutes. It is fast and attacks may rarely come through.
Mio-fa Appears in the first 30 seconds. Mio-fa will come before you are able to upgrade your firepower so if you do not aim well, you will be surrounded.
Listener-san Appears after 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Angry Listener-san Appears in place of Listener-san after 8 minutes.
Onigiryaa Appears after 2 minutes and 30 seconds
Fried Onigiryaa Appears in place of Onigiryaa after 7 minutes.
35P Appears after 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
Kintoki Rush appears with other fans after 17 minutes. Be sure to earn as much money as you can and prepare for Atomic SSRB (Boss).
Soratomo Appears after 11 minutes. Its defense is as soft as it looks.
Nun-nun Appears with Kintoki and Pioneer after 17 minutes.
Pioneer Appears after 12 minutes. In the 30 seconds immediately after, there will be platoons passing from the left and right. There will also be 4 consecutive vertical drops every 45 seconds which will force you to move, making the situation even more dangerous.

Also, if you keep running away from Mikodanye for 10 minutes, it will be a near-Game Over.

Raving Pioneer Appears in rushes after 17 minutes.
Hoshiyomi Appears after 13 minutes. Hoshiyomi are relatively fast. There is little allowance given to you when they appear as they will be falling horizontally on a stage where vertical movement is restricted.
Robosa Appears after 15 minutes. The Robosa formation coming immediately from the right at 15 minutes and 30 seconds is particularly dangerous.
HoloStaff Appears as a single rush after around 19 minutes to 20 minutes. They have slow speed but have lots of physical strength and are numerous.
SSRB Is set to appear at a specific time. Attacks in airdrop pattern so you need to decide whether to defeat them or escape.
SSRB Commando Will appear in formation after 6 minutes 45 seconds and after 10 minutes 30 seconds. Will appear in airdrop pattern after around 17 minutes 30 seconds.
Riot Mio-Fa Appears in a time-lapse event. Beware of the high-endurance formation at 7 minutes and 30 seconds that has a high chance of killing you since you need to keep dodging up and down or escape to a position where the enemy will disappear.
Riot Mio-Fa (Large) Appear after around 6 minutes. These enemies approach slowly from the left. Run to the right and wait for the group to disappear eventually or kill them.
Riot 35P Appears in various patterns such as aidropping or approaching from 4 directions. You are, however, likely to have enough firepower at this stage to deal with them. If you do not dodge them by moving either up or down, you will get hit.

Unique Bosses

Boss Appearance Time and Countermeasures
Mikodanye Fires Dragon Fire and Elite Lava Bucket
at medium range in regular intervals.Can be distinguished by the darker color of the lava compared to the obtained weapons. Be careful not to mix them up during the fight.Fortunately, the fire shot out by Mikodanye has poor tracking so an effective strategy would be to go to an area with few obstacles and attack while going around her. It is recommended to avoid the Elite Bucket attack instead of challenging it to avoid dying.
Atomic SSRB A so-called DPS check. Appears after 18 minutes, after which a 30 second countdown begins. When the count falls below 10 seconds, a red sign appears on the entire screen. When it explodes, you will take massive unavoidable fire damage. A Holozon Box will drop even after self-destructing. You can survive the fight with items that enhance your durability such as Body Pillow.
A-chan Appears generating a shock wave with an oversized warning sign. A-chan flies around the stage in a danmaku style that seems to have mistaken the game genre.

Follows the attack pattern of move → fire red bullets → move → rapidly shoot blue bullets → move (repeat)

A-chan’s red bullet shooting mode has a cooldown so concentrate all your firepower on her when you see the opportunity.

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