HoloCure - Beginners Guide: What to Do First

Beginners guide for HoloCure (Version 0.5), including what to do first in the early stages for new players, recommended game controls, recommended characters, weapons, and items for beginners, and other useful tips. HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure (Version 0.6) - Beginners Guide: What to Do First

Beginner’s Guide for Holocure

What to Do First and Tips for Beginners

Game Controls

  • Move: Arrow Keys
  • Decide/Fix Orientation: Z Key
  • Cancel Special Attack: X key

You can lock your character’s orientation by pressing and holding down the Z key. This will allow you to move while locking the direction of your attack, making it easier to land hits while moving around the enemy.

For those who usually play with a controller or are unfamiliar with keyboard controls, go to Settings → Keybind and set the movement to WASD which is a familiar configuration in FPS games. In this case, if you place X and Z on the lower right side of the space key commonly used for jumping, the controls will feel more familiar for PC gamers.

Clear a Stage with Kiara starting from 0 to 20 minutes.

Character Used

HoloCure - Takanashi Kiara Character Icon

Takanashi Kiara

HoloCure Takanashi Kiara Character Guide

Obtained Weapons

Phoenix Sword: One of the reasons why Kiara is said to be broken is that when she is Awakened, just moving and attacking left and right will allow her to melt enemies for up to 14 minutes. If the Elite Cooking collab weapon is completed by that time, Kiara will be even more efficient at taking down targets.

Elite Cooking (Spider Cooking + Elite Lava Bucket): A collab weapon that can be made from the beginning which has the highest wave clearing potential.

Plug Type Asacoco: While it does not require complicated operation since it is a homing type weapon, it is not that strong. If you start from 0, it would be better to concentrate on one collab weapon.

Glowstick: Same as the Plug Type Asacoco.

BL Book: Does not require complicated operation since the weapon can attack around you.

Evaluation of Items to Use


If you press and hold the Z key (default setting), the direction of the aim will locked. If you move in the opposite direction of the one you are locked into, it is possible to pull enemies to you while shooting using a technique called “towing.” This is the method you will use often when facing mid-bosses in the game.

Skill, Weapon, and Item Priority

Acquire Spider Cooking and Elite Lava Bucket (Lv.1) > Phoenix Sword > Trailblazer > Dancer > Level up Spider Cooking and Elite Lava Bucket > Above Weapon = Full Meal and Body Pillow > Phoenix Shield.

Recommended Characters for Beginners

Details on the recommended characters for beginners below are based on HoloCure Version 0.3 and earlier where mouse aiming was not yet implemented.

HoloCure Best Characters for Beginners

Gawr Gura

HoloCure - Gawr Gura Character Icon

  • Gawr Gura excels in survivability with skills like Shark Bite that has a chance to recover HP at max level and Short Height that has a probability of activating invincibility and a movement speed boost when she is hit.
  • Power of Atlantis which restrains enemies in a wide range for a long time, is powerful and can easily create a situation where you can fight back if you are cornered.
  • Gawr Gura’s firepower, endurance, and movement are all at a high levels. She is also easy to use.

HoloCure Gawr Gura Character Guide

Ninomae Ina’nis

HoloCure - Ninomae Ina'nis Character Icon

  • Ina’nis is known for the Ancient One skill that can instantly kill all enemies at once.
  • Void skill reduces the movement speed of all nearby enemies, making it easier to slip between them.
  • Ina’nis’ Special forces enemies to move backward making it useful when you are surrounded or want to grab items.

HoloCure Ninomae Ina’nis Character Guide

Calliope Mori

HoloCure - Calliope Mori Character Icon

  • Mori’s starting weapon Scythe Swing covers a wide range and has a 7% chance to kill non-boss enemies in one hit at max level. One of the big changes in the update
  • Death skill has a 30% chance of causing an explosion when defeating an enemy with Scythe Swing or Death and a 10% chance to KO the opponent. This allows Mori to defeat enemies one after another.
  • Mori’s attack speed is a little slow so it is easier to fight if you use equipment that keeps enemies away as much as possible.

HoloCure Calliope Mori Character Guide

Tsukumo Sana

HoloCure - Tsukumo Sana Character Icon

  • Sana’s starting weapon Orbit is a non-target type armament that moves around to protect Sana from her surroundings, making it easy to hit enemies. You can easily move around your chosen route in the stage by defeating enemies on your own.
  • Her Special Become Beeg that makes her invincible for 10 seconds can also be used as an emergency attack avoidance measure when surrounded by large groups of enemies. Note that it is very advantageous to be able to deal damage while having the option to escape to a safe area when needed.
  • A knockback effect is added to her normal weapon attack when at max level. Combined with Gravity, it will be hard for enemies to stay close to her.

HoloCure Tsukumo Sana Character Guide

Nanashi Mumei

HoloCure - Nanashi Mumei Character Icon

  • Mumei’s starting weapon Bird Feather looks weak at first glance, but once it reaches max level, Mumei becomes completely different. Mumei can easily annihilate enemies with her Friend skill (the summons she calls can also use Mumei’s normal attack at max level). Note that if you get used to her Bird Feather too much, you may have trouble with other weapons.
  • Her Special True Fear Horror can destroy all enemies except bosses on the screen. This translates to the amount of EXP you can earn. The basic strategy with Mumei is to annihilate waves of enemies using normal attacks (max level) and reserve her Special as insurance in case of emergencies.
  • Friend summons can also sometimes pick up EXP. Every 5 seconds, these Friends will use a random weapon you have obtained to help you attack. In general, Mumei’s performance is based on her firepower and those dealt by her Friend summons.

HoloCure Nanashi Mumei Character Guide

Ceres Fauna

HoloCure - Ceres Fauna Character Icon

  • Similar to Sana’s Orbit, Fauna’s starting weapon Nature Shield is also a non-target armament which is deployed in a circle around her. It is quite tricky to hit enemies with her weapon but if you have a maximum of 7 leaves (via upgrading to max level), you can easily attack based on the position of targets while freely moving around.
  • Her Special Mother Nature is a healing skill that is rare among characters. The HP restored is small, however, so do not get careless despite having access to the Special. Mother Nature is useful as an option for emergency attack avoidance in situations where a lot of enemies appear.
  • Fauna’s Guardian Tree skill adds offensive support and is an ideal match to Fauna’s playstyle since she has many options to recover HP. Guardian Tree attacks random enemies to deal up to 300% damage when Fauna heals. Combined with Sapling and Whisperer, the skill contributes to Fauna’s high combat performance.

HoloCure Ceres Fauna Character Guide

Recommended Weapons and Items

Weapon Name Details
Spider Cooking Continuously damages all enemies around you. Gains a knockback effect when max leveled, making it a versatile weapon that enhances survivability in terms of damage as well. Greatly affects the ease of movement with any character when obtained.
Body Pillow Generates a shield that absorbs up to 15 damage (35 at max level). Shield regenerates every 15 seconds.
Full Meal All healing effects are doubled.
  • Since recovery items are only drops from enemies, it is recommended to pick up items that increase survivability as much as possible until you get used to evading incoming attacks.
  • Full Meal is effective if you have recovery skills or have Nurse’s Horns.

Using Character-Specific Skills

In Holocure, each character has three unique skills, which appear in the same way as weapons and items when leveling up. Unique skills have powerful characteristics that match the character, and even if they are acquired, they will not put take up space on the weapon or item columns.

Using the Shop

Once you have 500 HoloCoins, aim to unlock Special skills first. Having a Special skill unlocked or not greatly affects the difficulty you will experience when clearing waves in the game.

Afterwards, it is recommended to purchase some upgrades and pull from the character Gacha once you get the hang of the game.

Unlocking Weapons and Items

Weapons and items will be unlocked at the end of play if certain conditions are met and will appear when leveling up on your next game onwards.

Displayed Weapons

Weapon Name How to Unlock
EN’s Curse Added in Version 0.5. Defeat Stage 3: Halloween Castle boss in 20 minutes.
Bounce Ball Added in Version 0.5. Equip the Cutting Board for 10 minutes.
CEO’s Tears Defeat Stage 2: Holo Office boss in 20 minutes.
Wamy Water Clear any stage with Sake obtained.
Cutting Board Survive for 10 minutes using Ninomae Ina’nis in any stage.
Fan Beam Defeat Stage 1: Grassy Plains Fubuzilla boss.
X-Potato Survive for 10 minutes using Inugami Korone in any stage.
Idol Song Survive for 10 minutes using IRyS in any stage.

Hidden Items

Item Name How to Unlock
GWS Pill Added in Version 0.4. Get a Game Over with Halu equipped.
Just Bandage Added in Version 0.4. Get a Game Over after surviving for 10 minutes.
Plushie Survive for 10 minutes using Hakos Baelz in any stage.
Idol Costume Use any Special attack.
Uber Sheep Unlocked at the start.
Energy Drink Survive for 10 minutes using Calliope Mori in any stage.
Injection Type Asacoco Clear any stage with Plug Type Asacoco or Breathe-In Type Asacoco obtained.
Kusogaki Shackles Added in Version 0.4. Survive for 10 minutes using Murasaki Shion in any stage.
Credit Card Use an anvil.
Gorilla’s Paw Defeat Smol Ame boss.
Super Chatto Time! Collect 5,000 Holocoins or end the game at an exceeding state.
Nurse’s Horn Unlocked at the start.
Halu Added in Version 0.4. Defeat 5,000 enemies in one playthrough.
Piki Piki Piman Unlocked at the start.
Full Meal Unlocked at the start.
Headphones Unlocked at the start.
Hope Soda Added in Version 0.5. Clear any stage with IRyS.
Face Mask Unlocked at the start.
Membership Clear any stage with Super Chatto Time! obtained.
Limiter Added in Version 0.4. Survive for 10 minutes using Tsukumo Sana in any stage.
Study Glasses Reach level 50 or higher in one playthrough.
Devil Hat Added in Version 0.5. Deal 1000 damage in one attack.
Body Pillow Unlocked at the start.
Stolen Piggy Bank Added in Version 0.4. Defeat a Golden Yagoo.
Breastplate Added in Version 0.5. Take 500 damage in a single run.
Sake Unlocked at the start.
Blacksmith’s Gear Added in Version 0.5. Enhance a fully-leveled weapon with anvils.
Knightly Milk Unlocked at the start.
Chicken’s Feather Added in Version 0.5. Survive for 10 minutes using Takanashi Kiara in any stage.

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