HoloCure - VTuber Character List and Guides (Version 0.5)

List of VTuber talents featured as playable characters in HoloCure (Version 0.5). HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure - VTuber Character List and Guides

All Playable VTuber Characters in HoloCure (Version 0.5)

Below are all VTuber talents featured as playable characters in HoloCure.

HoloCure Best Character Tier List (Version 0.5)

Character-specific Achievements

Each character in HoloCure has a number of achievements the player can unlock. Each achievement corresponds to a reward such as HoloCoins and usable weapons.

HoloCure Achievement List

Fandom Achievements

In addition, each character can receive additional bonuses for unlocking specific milestones related to Fandoms.

HoloCure Fandom List

Hololive English (HoloEN)

All HoloEN Myth Characters

All HoloCure Hololive English Myth Characters
HoloCure - Watson Amelia Character IconWatson Amelia HoloCure - Gawr Gura Character IconGawr Gura
HoloCure - Ninomae Ina'nis Character IconNinomae Ina’nis HoloCure - Takanashi Kiara Character IconTakanashi Kiara
HoloCure - Calliope Mori Character IconCalliope Mori

All HoloEN Council Characters

All HoloCure Hololive English Council Characters
HoloCure - Hakos Baelz Character IconHakos Baelz HoloCure - Ouro Kronii Character IconOuro Kronii
HoloCure - Ceres Fauna Character IconCeres Fauna HoloCure - Nanashi Mumei Character IconNanashi Mumei
HoloCure - Tsukumo Sana Character IconTsukumo Sana

All HoloEN Project HOPE Characters

All HoloCure Hololive English Project: HOPE Characters
HoloCure - IRyS Character IconIRyS

Hololive Japan (HoloJP)

All HoloJP Gen 0 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Japan Gen 0 Characters
HoloCure - Tokino Sora Character IconTokino Sora HoloCure - AZki Character IconAZki
HoloCure - Roboco-san Character IconRoboco-san HoloCure - Hoshimachi Suisei Character IconHoshimachi Suisei
HoloCure - Sakura Miko Character IconSakura Miko

All HoloJP GAMERS Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Japan GAMERS Characters
HoloCure - Shirakami Fubuki Character IconShirakami Fubuki HoloCure - Ookami Mio Character IconOokami Mio
HoloCure - Nekomata Okayu Character IconNekomata Okayu HoloCure - Inugami Korone Character IconInugami Korone

All HoloJP Gen 1 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Japan Gen 1 Characters
HoloCure - Akai Haato Korone Character IconAkai Haato HoloCure - Yozora MelKorone Character IconYozora Mel
HoloCure - Natsuiro Matsuri Korone Character IconNatsuiro Matsuri HoloCure - Aki Rosenthal Korone Character IconAki Rosenthal

All HoloJP Gen 2 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Japan Gen 2 Characters
HoloCure - Oozara Subaru Korone Character IconOozara Subaru HoloCure - Yuzuki Choco Korone Character IconYuzuki Choco
HoloCure - Murasaki Shion Korone Character IconMurasaki Shion HoloCure - Nakiri Ayame Korone Character IconNakiri Ayame
HoloCure - Minato Aqua Korone Character IconMinato Aqua

All HoloID Gen 1 Characters

All HoloCure Hololive Indonesia Gen 1 Characters
Ayunda Risu Airani Iofifteen
Moona Hoshinova

Other Strategy Guides

HoloCure - Strategy Guides Banner HoloCure Strategy Guides and Useful Tips

Getting Started

All HoloCure Beginner Guides
Game Controls Beginner's Guide: What to Do First
Common Mistakes and Misconceptions Useful Tips and Hidden Mechanics
Basic Weapon Story Origins and Background Starter Weapon Story Origins and Background
Collab Weapon Story Origins and Background Item Story Origins and Background
Stamp Origins and Background Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tier Lists and Rankings

All HoloCure Tier Lists and Rankings
Best Character Tier List Best Starter Character Tier List
Best Basic Weapon Tier List Best Collab Weapon Tier List
Best Stamp Tier List Best Item Tier List

Useful Guides

All HoloCure Useful Guides
Version Update and Changelog Information Starter Weapon Damage Values
HoloCoin Farming Guide Collab Weapon Guide
Stage List and Walkthroughs Character List and Guides
Enemy List and Guides How to Make Immortal Ina’nis Build
How to Get High Scores in Endless Mode How to Clear Time Mode Fast
How to Clear Hardcore Endless Mode Question Board

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