HoloCure - Stage 1: Grassy Plains Walkthrough and Guide

Stage 1: Grassy Plains walkthrough and guide for HoloCure (Version 0.5), including all mobs (regular enemies) and unique bosses that appear, appearance time, and countermeasures (how to defeat them). HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure - Stage 1: Grassy Plains Walkthrough and Guide

Stage 1: Grassy Plains Walkthrough and Guide for HoloCure

Enemies in Stage 1

Fans whose love has been distorted by an evil organization appear in this stage as enemies. The Vtubers must bring their fans back to sanity.

Enemies that appear in the Grassy Plains are mostly Holomen fans. Bosses encountered, however, are varied and unexpected. Information on some mobs (regular enemies) and unique bosses are still being researched which includes time of appearance and countermeasures.

Mobs (Regular Enemies)

Enemy Appearance Time and Countermeasures
Shrimp Approaches slowly at the start of the stage. Just attack them steadily and they should give you no problems.
Q Shrimp Appears from the right after 14 minutes with Q Dead Beat. It is quite dangerous if you get caught so if you do not have enough firepower to annihilate them, temporarily retreat in the vertical direction.
Dead Beat Two enemies that appear at the very beginning. They are quite hard to take down but their numbers are sparse so you will need to deal with them one by one.
Q Dead Beat Appears from the left after 14 minutes. You can dodge Q Dead Beat’s attacks by moving up and down but careful of hitting the fence. A considerable number of them will appear at the same time as Dead Beats (Shield) and other variants so you will want to gradually increase the firepower of your weapons. High mortality rate.
Takodachi Appears after around 3 minutes and 10 seconds. While not very strong by itself, Takodachi appears alongside Chumbud and Dead Beat. Takodachi will start to appear irregular mixed with other enemies. If this happens, you want to start preparing weapons that can deal with multiple enemies.
Takodachi Viking Takodachi Viking appears in lines from the top and bottom around 3 minutes and 15 seconds without any warning. Try to dash sideways because the enemy will disappear and is quite hard to take down even by itself.
Hungry Takodachi
Investi-Gator Appears after around 6 minutes. Be sure to anticipate the gator that charges at you immediately after Fubuzilla appears. Replaces the old version of Zik Baba.
KFP Employee Starts to randomly appear with Takodachi (Large) after around 4 minutes. KFP sometimes attacks in groups.
There is an order in which direction KFPs come out so you will want to deal with them first.
Since KFPs are not too threatening, you can choose to avoid them or farm EXP using BL Book (first kill).
Baerat Starts to appear randomly from around 11 minutes. If you have BL Fujoshi or Spider Cooking, it will be easy to defeat. If you do not have either, you will be in trouble. Note that a high-speed mob will appear a short period after Baerats come out.
Bloom and Gloom Appears after 5 minutes in Stage 1.
Sapling Appears after around 15 minutes and 45 seconds.
Contrary to its appearance, Sapling have high durability and speed. They can be lethal if they get close to you in the pocket. Getting caught by mobs of Sapling is a dangerous situation.
Hooman It will come flying in after around 15 minutes and 45 seconds. Hooman has high speed and comes after Sapling. You will want to deal with them using powerful collab weapons.
Kronie While Kronie does not move erratically when alone, it will appear outside the screen at high speed to move across from after around 12 minutes. Avoid it so that you do not get caught or run into other enemies. You should also prepare for the siege that occurs after around 16 minutes and 25 seconds.
Sanalite Changed from the Yatagarasu in the update. Sapling and Hooman also appear alongside Sanalite. Be careful when up against this enemy as its size is relatively large and you may touch it if you are careless.
Thicc Bubba Appears following Smol Ame after 20 minutes. Be careful not to touch Thicc Baba while running away from Smol Ame’s shadow.

Unique Bosses

Boss Appearance Time and Countermeasures
Fubuzilla Appears after 10 minutes. Fubuzilla shoots lasers horizontally from its mouth. Move away from the attack range indicated by the marker. Attacks that are positioned above and below Fubuzilla’s main body are effective. In Stage 2: Holo Office, Fubuzilla’s lazers shoot out in more directions which increases the danger of fighting the boss.
Smol Ame Appears after 20 minutes. Smol Ame jumps out of the screen and tries to crush you. The shadow that chases you is the boss’ attack range. You can defeat Smol Ame by repeatedly attacking while jumping up and staying outside the shadow’s range.

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