HoloCure - Starting Weapon Damage Values

Starting weapon damage values for HoloCure (Version 5.0) listing initial character weapon average attack power and other useful findings based on results from testing at base character levels and stats. HoloCure (2022), a VTuber game, was released last June 24, 2022, and is now playable on PC via Steam and Microsoft Windows. The game is still under development.

HoloCure (Version 0.6) - Starting Weapon Damage Values

Starting Weapon Damage Values Guide for HoloCure

Tested on an orange enemy (Shrimp) with a level 1 starting weapon within 2 minutes from the beginning of the stage.

The amount of non-critical damage displayed was measured 200 times (100 times only for Hakos Baelz’s rolls 1 to 6). The average amount of damage per hit was then computed.

Other Testing Conditions

  • No leveling up.
  • No strengthening via the gacha.
  • Shop upgrades are level 10 Speed Up, level 5 Haste Up, level 1 G Rank only.
  • Orou Kronii‘s starting weapon’s long and short hands are treated as separate weapons.
  • Hakos Baelz‘s dice mechanic was tested by treating all resulting rolls as a single weapon (without distinguishing between the damage of each roll).
  • IRyS‘ black bullet and white bullet damage were not distinguished.
  • The damage caused by the swing of Sakura Miko‘s Sakura Gohei is distinguished from the damage caused by the shock wave at the end of the swing.

Please note that these damage values are based on Version 0.4.1663293877.

HoloCure Version Update and Changelog Information

Average Damage of Character Starting Weapons

Character Starting Weapon Average Damage
Amelia Watson 12.76
Gawr Gura 17.555
Ninomae Ina’nis 10.895
Takanashi Kiara 12.975
Calliope Mori 15.59
Hakos Baelz (Mixed Rolls) 13.305
Ouro Kronii (Long Hands) 20.325
Ouro Kronii (Short Hands) 13.44
Ceres Fauna 10.965
Nanashi Mumei 8.835
Tsukumo Sana 10.185
IRyS 10.955
Shirakami Fubuki 15.245
Ookami Mio 10.205
Nekomata Okayu 10.855
Inugami Korone 8.445
Tokino Sora 7.915
AZKi 13.44
Robocco-san 6.005
Hoshimachi Suisei 15.71
Sakura Miko (Gohei) 3.6
Sakura Miko (Shockwave) 12.575

Based on the results of the test, it was found that characters that can attack multiple times at once (Amelia Watson, Robocco-san, etc) and characters that can attack in all directions (Tsukumo Sana, Ceres Fauna, etc.) have low average damage per hit.

In addition, the average amount of damage per hit differs greatly between Orou Kronii‘s attack with the long and short hands. This is also the case for Sakura Miko‘s damage output from swinging Sakurai Gohei and the damage output of the shock wave.

Hakos Baelz‘s damage depends on the roll of the dice. Based on the test, it was found that Baelz’s average damage output when not distinguishing the type of roll is not much different from the average damage output of other characters in the game.

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